The Pearl By John Steinbeck Essays

The Pearl is a novel written by John Steinbeck that was published in 1947. The story is set in La Paz, Mexico and follows the life of Kino, a pearl diver. The novel explores themes of greed, power, and evil. The Pearl has been adapted into several films and a stage play.

The novel begins with Kino diving for pearls in the Gulf of California. He finds a large pearl, which he believes will bring him good luck. However, his boat is attacked by thieves and his partner is killed. Kino returns to shore and shows the pearl to his wife, Juana. She warns him that the pearl is evil and will bring them nothing but trouble.

Kino decides to sell the pearl in order to buy a new boat and pay for his son’s medical treatment. He travels to the city of La Paz, where he is swindled by pearl buyers. Kino is then attacked by thieves, who steal the pearl. Kino returns home empty-handed and is forced to confront the reality that the pearl has brought him nothing but misery.

The Pearl is a novel that explores the theme of greed. The characters in the novel are driven by their desire for wealth and power. The pearl represents both the corrupting influence of money and the potential for good that exists within all people. The story highlights the danger of allowing greed to control one’s life.

In “The Pearl”, every occurrence sets off a chain of reactions that drives the story forward. The consequences for each event matter to Kino and Juana,Movement from one episode to the next is ultimately what propels Steinbeck’s plot.

The first event is when Kino finds “The Pearl of The World”. This discovery affects Kino’s thinking and emotions. The pearl seems to change his whole perspective on life. The second event is when Coyotito gets stung by the scorpion. The poison from the sting could potentially kill Coyotito, which effects not only Juana’s emotions but also Kino’s.

The doctor could have saved Coyotito, but because they were too poor, he refused to help them. The third event is when Kino sells the pearl for a great sum of money. The fourth and final event is when Kino tries to get rid of the pearl by throwing it back into the sea.

These four events lead to many more small events that help develop the story. The first event, finding the pearl, leads to Kino’s obsession with it. The second event, Coyotito getting stung, leads to Kino’s anger and soreness towards the doctor. The third event, selling the pearl, leads to Kino’s pride and joy. The fourth and final event, trying to get rid of the pearl, leads to Kino’s sorrow and regret.

The story starts with John Stein introducing the three main characters: Kino, Juana and Coyotito who live in La Paz. The first obstacle they face is that Coyotito, their only child has been stung by a scorpion. In order to pay for the child’s treatment, Kino sets out to find a pearl.

The family’s canoe is stolen and they are forced to find a new one. The second obstacle Juana and Kino must overcome is finding a new canoe. They find a new canoe but it is much smaller than their old one. The third and final obstacle the family faces is getting the money to buy a new boat. Kino finds the biggest pearl he has ever seen but when he tries to sell it, he is only offered a fraction of what it is worth.

The family decides to go to the capital city to sell the pearl but on the way they are attacked by thieves who steal the pearl and leave Kino and Juana for dead. The story ends with Kino and Juana returning to their small town of La Paz with their baby Coyotito. The family is poor but they are happy and content with what they have.

The climax of the story occurs when Kino is overwhelmed by the pearl’s power and is blinded by it, resulting in Coyotito being shot by a tracker bullet. Kino returns to La Paz’s village at the tale’s conclusion, recognizing how he has been robbed of his vision by avarice. When Kino throws the pearl into the ocean and turns back, he sees both its benefits and drawbacks.

The theme of The Pearl is that greediness only leads to destruction. The Pearl by John Steinbeck is a novel about a poor family, who finds a pearl worth a great fortune, and the events that unfold after its discovery. The story provides a realistic portrayal of how easily greed can consume someone and lead to their downfall. The main character, Kino, goes through a dramatic change in personality throughout the course of the story, which serves as an example of how greed can cloud someone’s judgment and cause them to act out of character.

The setting plays a significant role in the development of the plot and the characters, as it provides insight into their way of life and how the discovery of the pearl affects them. The use of symbolism also enhances the theme of greed and its consequences, as the pearl is used to represent the character’s greed and how it ultimately destroys them. Overall, The Pearl is a well-crafted story that uses elements of fiction to deliver a powerful message about the dangers of greed.

When Coyotito is stung by a scorpion and Juana decides to take him to see a doctor, she effectively prays for his cure by locating a pearl to pay for the doctor’s treatment. The first cause and effect appears to be that Juana is demanding too much of someone who lives in poverty, but it really begins when Kino can’t afford the medical bills.

The doctor’s greed is the root of all the problems in The Pearl. The second cause and effect relationship is between Kino’s pride and his change in attitude towards the pearl. Kino’s pride makes him think that he can sell the pearl for a great deal of money, but it also causes him to be possessive over it and to treat it like it is more important than his family.

The third cause and effect is between the way Kino changes towards his family and friends after he finds the pearl. He becomes more distant from Juana and Coyotito, and he also alienates himself from his friends and relatives. The fourth cause and effect is between Kino’s growing obsession with the pearl and his eventual downfall.

The pearl represents everything that is wrong with the world, and Kino’s obsession with it leads him to his death. The fifth and final cause and effect is between the way Kino’s death affects his family. Juana is left to raise Coyotito by herself, and she is also left with the burden of the pearl. The pearl represents everything that is wrong with the world, and it has caused nothing but pain and suffering for Kino and his family.

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