Bob Ewell Character Traits

Bob Ewell is one of the most despised characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. He is racist, ignorant, and hateful. Harper Lee does an excellent job of showing just how terrible Bob Ewell is.

Ewell is first introduced in the novel when he accosts Atticus and Scout on the street. He is rude and insulting, and it’s clear that he doesn’t think highly of Atticus or his family. This prejudice is made even more evident when Bob Ewell testifies against Tom Robinson in court. He lies about what happened, and his racism is on full display.

Later, Bob Ewell becomes even more hateful when he starts tormenting the Finch family. He throws rocks at their house, and he even goes so far as to threaten Atticus. In the end, Bob Ewell gets his comeuppance when he tries to attack Scout and Jem. He is killed in the process, and it’s clear that he deserved everything he got.

Harper Lee did a great job of creating a truly despicable character in Bob Ewell. He is someone who is easy to hate, and his death is ultimately satisfying.

In “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Mayella Ewell is a strong protagonist. Even if she had never received an education, she was clever and knew how to get her way. Her major objective was to escape from her abusive father, Bob Ewell. Bob was a bigot who believed that any white person was superior to a black person, even if they lived in an abandoned run-down negro house like himself.

Bob Ewell is one of the most evil characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” He is a racist, misogynistic, and violent man. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Even though Mayella is not as educated as her father, she still outsmarts him. She knows how to play on his emotions and she uses that to her advantage. For example, when Atticus Finch questions her about the night she was allegedly raped by Tom Robinson, she starts to cry and says that her father beat her for getting rape by a negro. Even though Bob Ewing is an abusive monster, Mayella still loves him and she does everything she can to protect him.

In the end, Bob Ewell gets what he deserves. He is killed by Boo Radley, who is revealed to be a hero. Boo Radley is someone who Bob Ewell and his family have been harassing for years. Even though Boo Radley is a recluse, he still knows right from wrong and he knows that Bob Ewell is a monster.

Bob Ewell is a horrible person who deserved to die. He was a racist, sexist, and violent man who only cared about himself. He was also an abusive father who terrorized his own daughter. Harper Lee did a great job of making Bob Ewell into a truly evil character.

Mayella, a white female, kissed Tom Robinson, a black male. Mayella accused Tom of rape and took him to court. Atticus, Tom’s lawyer, criticized Bob for beating Mayella instead of Tom while in court. Despite the fact that Tom was not guilty and everyone knew it , the jury convicted the black man. After the case is closed, Bob goes on a rampage against Atticus’ children, Scout and Jem.

Jem gets severely hurt but Scout manages to fight Bob off. In the end, Bob Ewell is killed but it is never revealed who killed him.

Bob Ewell is a racist white man who only cares about himself. He is an uneducated man who doesn’t have a job. He lives off of government assistance and spends his days drinking alcohol. He is abusive to his family, especially to his daughter Mayella. He is also a coward who won’t take responsibility for his own actions.

By accusing Tom of raping her, Mayella couldn’t stop there. By bringing charges against him, she was bound to take him to court. Atticus Finch discovered that Mayella had been beaten by someone with a powerful left hand in court. Despite the fact that Tom’s left arm was severely damaged and gave little to no movement, Bob Ewell was still right-handed. This proved Tom’s innocence and that he had never harmed Mayella, but it also convicted Bob Ewell of beating and sexually abusing his daughter.

At the end of the novel, Scout and Jem are on their way home from the Halloween pageant. They are attacked by Bob Ewell who intends to kill them. In turn, he is killed by Boo Radley. Atticus Finch is one of the main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird.

He is Scout and Jem’s father who is a lawyer. In addition, he is very respected by everyone in Maycomb County. The townspeople look up to him because he always does what is right, even if it isn’t popular. Bob Ewell hates Atticus because he was able to prove that Tom Robinson was innocent, even though everyone else in the town thought he was guilty.

At this point, everyone knew Bob Ewell was guilty while Tom was innocent, but they sentenced Tom because of his race. Mayella Ewell was clever enough to plan out each step and how it would happen. She utilized her gender to persuade people that Tom had raped her.

She knew that being a woman and claiming she was raped would get everyone’s attention. She had planned it all out but her plan failed when Atticus Finch cross-examined her. To save face, Bob Ewell took the blame for what his daughter had done. This showed how manipulative Mayella was and how much power Bob Ewell had over his family.

Ewell was also a coward. He waited until Atticus was alone to attack him. He could have attacked Atticus any day he wanted but he waited until he was by himself. This showed how much of a coward Ewell really was. He was too afraid to fight someone who could actually fight back.

The Jim Crow Laws stated, “Any white woman who is raped or has her womb forced by a black person or mongrel shall be sentenced to hard labor for at least eighteen months.” They also said that “no negro barber may serve as a barber to white women or girls.” If Mayella was discovered lying, she would have to spend at least eighteen months in jail; after that Bob wouldn’t want anything more to do with her.

To keep her out of the penitentiary, Bob says that Tom Robinson raped her. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Bob Ewell is an ignorant, illiterate drunk who spends his welfare checks on alcohol instead of taking care of his children. He is a coward who blames others for his problems and takes them out on the people around him, especially his own family.

Bob Ewell is first introduced in the novel when Scout and Jem are coming home from school one day. They see him standing on his porch, watching them as they walk by. Scout thinks he looks “sort of like our old dog that got run over” because he has a “bristly chin” and “a dab of a mouth.” He is described as being “filthy” and “a raggedy man.” Bob Ewell is an uneducated man who cannot even write his own name. When he is called to testify in court, he has to ask the judge how to spell his own name.

Bob Ewell is also a coward. He hides behind his children and threatens them when they don’t do what he wants. He beats his daughter, Mayella, mercilessly. When Atticus Finch asks him if he ever hit his children, he says that it is none of Atticus’s business.

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