Broken Chain Story

“The Broken Chain” is a short story by Gary Soto. The story is about a young boy named Jimmy who finds a broken chain on the ground. He tries to fix it, but eventually gives up and throws it away. However, he soon regrets his decision and goes back to look for the chain. When he finally finds it, he is able to fix it and feels proud of himself. The story teaches a valuable lesson about never giving up on something that is important to you.

Have you ever wanted to go on a date with a lady and caused things to go wrong by accident? In Gary Soto’s story “The Broken Chain,” Alfonso, a young man dissatisfied with his appearance, attempts to push them back into position where he believes they belong. Then he meets Sandra, talks with her for a while, and soon asks her out on the bike. She agrees so he tries to clean his bike chain but breaks it as we shall see in this tale of Alfonso’s blunder.

Alfonso was a young boy who didn’t like the way he looked. He thought his nose was too big and his teeth were too small. So he tried to push them back in place where he thought they belonged. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t change the way he looked.

One day, Alfonso met a girl named Sandra. They talked for a while and pretty soon Alfonso asked her to go on a bike ride with him. She said yes, so Alfonso went home to clean his bike chain. But when he was cleaning it, he accidentally broke it.

Now Alfonso had to decide what to do. He could either tell Sandra the truth and risk ruining their date, or he could try to fix the chain and hope she wouldn’t notice. He decided to try to fix the chain.

But when he got to Sandra’s house, she could tell something was wrong. Alfonso finally confessed that he had broken his bike chain and was trying to fix it. Sandra was very understanding and said it wasn’t a big deal. They ended up having a great time on their date anyway.

Alfonso learned that it’s okay to make mistakes. And he also learned that being honest is always the best policy.

Alfonso was a young man who wished he had typical features. He was indignant with his appearance, therefore he did fifty sit-ups each day to build his stomach muscles and make it less fat. He also disliked the way his teeth were crooked, so he would push on them every day since his parents could not afford braces for him. He was ashamed to show his teeth and smile.

The kids at school would always make fun of him and he was always the last one to be picked for sports. The only thing he was good at was running, so he would run to forget his problems. One day, after school, he was waiting for his friends when three bullies came up to him and asked him for his lunch money.

He said no and they started to beat him up. They took his money and left him there. He got up and ran home as fast as he could. When he got home, his mom asked him what happened. He told her and she said that she was going to call the police. The police came and took a report.

The next day, Alfonso went to school and the bullies were there waiting for him. They beat him up again and took his lunch money. This time, they also took his shoes. Alfonso ran home barefoot and his mom called the police again. The police came and took another report. The next day, when Alfonso went to school, the bullies were there waiting for him again. They beat him up and took his lunch money again.

His brother Ernie came by one day on his Montgomery ward bike and appeared dejected, so Alfonso inquired what was wrong. His brother informed him that three ladies had shown them up; they didn’t show up to the date. So he sees this lady one day, goes up to her to chat, learns a little about her, and asks if she’d like to go for a bike ride some day. She says yes.

The day of the bike ride comes and he gets to her house to pick her up, but she never came out. He waited for a little bit then he just went home. The next day he went back and she was outside waiting for him this time. They went on the bike ride and talked. The day after that they went on another bike ride, but this time they didn’t talk they just enjoyed each other’s company. Alfonso found out that Sandra liked him too. The day after that they got married and had a beautiful life together.

The Broken Chain is a short story written by Gary Soto. The story is about a young boy named Alfonso who falls in love with a girl named Sandra. The two eventually get married and have a beautiful life together. The story highlights the importance of communication and understanding in a relationship.

Alfonso returned home and began to repair his bicycle, accidentally breaking the chain in the process. As a result, he was slightly disappointed, so he went p to his brother Ernie and asked if he could use his bike the next day, but he was refused.

The next day he saw his friend Joel and asked to borrow his bike but he said no. So he had to go home and ask his mom if he could use her bike but she said no. So he was really upset because he didn’t have a bike to ride the next day.

The next day he went to school and saw his friend Maria and asked her if he could borrow her bike but she said no. So Alfonso was really upset and started to cry because he didn’t have a bike to ride. The moral of the story is that you should always be prepared for anything because you never know when something bad is going to happen.

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