Compare And Contrast A Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave

Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” and Gloris Skurzynskis’ “Nethergrave” both explore the theme of time travel. However, the two stories differ in their treatment of this theme. “A Sound of Thunder” is a cautionary tale that warns against the dangers of tampering with the past, while “Nethergrave” is more optimistic, suggesting that time travel can be used to improve one’s life.

Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” tells the story of a group of hunters who travel back in time to kill a dinosaur. However, one of the hunters steps on a butterfly, causing a ripple effect that alters the future. When they return to their own time, they find that the world has changed: America is now a dictatorship, and the hunters are arrested and executed. The story suggests that even the slightest change to the past can have dire consequences for the future.

Gloris Skurzynskis’ “Nethergrave” also features time travel, but with a different purpose. The protagonist, Jeremy, uses time travel to escape from his unhappy life. He travels back in time and lives in different eras, each of which is better than his own. Eventually, he finds a perfect world where he is happy and content. The story suggests that time travel can be used to escape from unhappiness and create a better life for oneself.

In ‘The Other World,’’ Nnedi Okorafor’s characters with the aid of cutting-edge technology are able to jump through time and live in a different world, ‘the other world.’ In A sound of thunder Eckels leads a group of friends on a mission to the Jurassic period in order to hunt dinosaurs and live in that era.

In Nethergrave Jeremy with the help of virtual reality machine is able to travel to different world where he can be anyone he wants to be and perform any action. The main similarity between these two stories is that both the characters are able to time travel and live in a different world. However, there are several differences between the two as well.

In A sound of thunder, even though Eckels and his friends are able to travel back to Jurassic period, they are not able to change anything or effect their own time line in any way. While in Nethergrave, since Jeremy is living in a virtual world, he has all the power to change things around him, make new friends and have new experiences. Another difference is that even though both the characters are able to time travel, Ray Bradbury’s story is more based on the science fiction while Gloris Skurzynskis’s story is more focused on the fantasy.

Ray Bradbury’s story gives us a better understanding of how time travelling can be used and its consequences while Gloris Skurzynskis’s story is more about how technology can be used to create a different world which we can escape to, whenever we want. To sum up, both the stories are very interesting in their own ways and offer a great insight into the power of time travel and technology.

In ‘The Nethergrave,’ the main character, Jeremy, can physically go into the “other world” as an avatar via his high-tech computer (jaguar), and he may witness things as a living jaguar such as looking through its eyes. Also, when his mother walks in the room, Jeremy is not yet there, but the Jaguar is on Jeremy’s computer screen.

In Ray Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder’ the main character Eckels went with Time Safari Inc. to go back in time to hunt dinosaurs. While, they were there he got scared and ran off the path which their guide had told them not to leave as it would change the future. When they got back to the present time things were different for example, instead of butterflying around there was a bird that looked like a bat and was eating a butterfly.

Ray Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder’ and Gloris Skurzynskis ‘Nethergrave’ both have kids as the main characters, who use technology to go into another world or time. They are also both stories that have a moral to them, Ray Bradbury’s being that you should be careful of the butterfly effect and Gloris Skurzynskis being not to get too caught up in technology. Another similarity is that they are both science fiction stories.

A difference between the two is that Ray Bradbury’s story is set in the future where as Gloris Skurzynskis story is set in the present day. Another difference is that Ray Bradbury’s story is about time travel and Gloris Skurzynskis story is about going into another world through technology. I preferred Ray Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder’ as I found it more interesting and it had more of a moral to it. I also found Ray Bradbury’s story easier to understand than Gloris Skurzynskis.

Both authors examine the far-reaching effects of these cutting-edge technologies on humanity. The fact that things happen in reality in ‘Nethergrave’ distinguishes it from ‘A Sound of Thunder,’ which is a pure science fiction and takes place only in 2255 AD.

Although both stories are based on a time machine, Ray Bradbury’s story is more interested in the psychological aspects of the event, and what kind of impact it has on people, while Gloris Skurzynskis story is focused on the technology itself.

In Ray Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder,’ Eckels pays to go on a time safari to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is warned not to step off the path, as even the smallest change could have disastrous consequences for the future. However, he does step off the path, and when he returns to the present day, he realizes that everything has changed; language, history and even the very plants and animals are different. In contrast, Gloris Skurzynskis ‘Nethergrave’ is about a boy named Jeremy who is given a machine that can do anything he wants, but every time he uses it, something goes wrong.

Although both stories are about the consequences of time travel, they have different messages. In ‘A Sound of Thunder,’ Ray Bradbury is warning about the dangers of interfering with the past, and how even the smallest change can have huge repercussions. Gloris Skurzynskis ‘Nethergrave’ is more about the dangers of technology, and how it can never really be completely trusted.

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