Dance Critique Example

Dance is an important part of many cultures and Dance Critique is an important way to provide feedback about performances. Dance Critique can be used to improve future performances and to teach others about the art of Dance. There are many different ways to write a Dance Critique, but all Dance Critiques should include some basic information about the performance.

When writing a Dance Critique, it is important to be as specific as possible. This means including details about the choreography, the dancers, and the overall performance. It is also important to be objective in your Dance Critique. This means that you should not let your personal feelings about the dance or the dancers influence your opinion. Instead, you should focus on what you saw and how well it was executed.

A Dance Critique should always include a brief overview of the dance. This can be a description of the choreography or a summary of the story that the dance is telling. It is also important to describe the dancers and their performance. This includes their technique, their stage presence, and how well they executed the choreography.

When critiquing a Dance Performance, it is also important to consider the music and the costumes. The music should be appropriate for the dance and should add to the overall atmosphere of the performance. The costumes should be well-made and should complement the choreography.

Last Saturday night, April 14, 2012, I witnessed the debut of Collin College Spring Creek Campus’s John Anthony Theater as a dance venue. Collin Dance Ensemble is a vibrant company that performs cutting-edge contemporary modern dance and strives to achieve the highest level of artistic excellence in their choreography.

The Dance Ensemble gave the audience a total of six different performances. Three of them were original student choreography, and the other three were by professional guest choreographers. I enjoyed all six pieces; however, there were two in particular that stood out to me the most. The first was entitled “The Missing Piece” choreographed by Collin Dance Ensemble director Kerry Jackson. The second was called “Lila” and it was choreographed by Sadie Woods.

Both dances started off with very slow and soft music, which caused the dancers to move in a very gentle and fluid manner. As the music began to pick up pace, so did the dance movements. In “The Missing Piece”, the dancers portrayed a sense of loss and desperation as they searched for something that was missing in their lives. They reached out to one another, but no one could seem to fill the void. The Dance Ensemble did an excellent job of conveying the emotions of the dancers through their movements.

“Lila”, on the other hand, was a much more light-hearted and playful dance. The dancers appeared to be carefree and enjoying themselves as they interacted with one another. Woods did a great job of using different types of movement to express the different emotions of the dancers. Overall, I thought both “The Missing Piece” and “Lila” were very well done and enjoyable to watch.

The dance company has attended and performed at the American College Dance Festival every year since 1997, when it was founded. The group has been chosen for the Gala Performance at the regionals seven times and has been invited to perform at the National Dance Week annually. People began entering the theater just around 7:30 p.m., shortly after which the audience seats were full with people who come to support or watch a dance performance, and they were mostly in “dance appreciation fever” like me.

The first dance is hip-hop, which is my favorite style. I love the way they use their body and facial expression to show the feeling of the music. The girl who wearing short black trench coat with white crop top and high waisted ripped jeans looks like she’s about to go for a party after her “9 to 5” job. She seems like doesn’t want to be here, but she has to because of her job.

The stage filled with the light with different color that shining from the top make everything more attractive, also help audience to focus on the dancer. From her angry face at the beginning turn into happy and excited when she finished her dance. Dance can make people feel happy and relieve stress from their daily life.

The second dance is a duet, which is my least favorite style, because it makes me feel boring sometimes. But this duet is different, because the girl who wearing short red dress with black high heels look like she’s in love and happy, while the guy who wearing all black outfit looks like he doesn’t want to be here but he has no choice.

He doesn’t seem interested in her at first, but as the music changes, his attitude and facial expression also change. He starts to get closer to her and tries to get her attention. At the end of the dance, they both got what they want and they seems happy. Dance can bring people together and make them feel connected to each other.

The last dance is my favorite, because it’s a group dance and I love watching people dancing together in harmony. The stage is dark and only spotlights shining on the dancers who wearing all white outfit. They look like angels or ghost. Their movements are so graceful and soft, it makes me feel relax and enjoy watching them. Dance can make people feel calm and peace.

After the performance, all the dancers come out and take a bow. The audience gives them a standing ovation and they deserved it. All the dances are amazing and well-choreographed. The dancers did a great job and they should be proud of themselves. Dance is a beautiful art form that everyone should experience.

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