Essay On Why I Joined The Army

I joined the Army because I wanted to serve my country. I also thought it would be a great way to see the world and meet new people. I’m glad I made the decision to join, because it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

There are several reasons why I joined the United States Army. Some of them are to enhance my personality and body both intellectually and physically, to get away from the environment in which I was raised, and most importantly be able to look back on my life and say that I made a difference. So in this essay, I’ll go through each of the three major points in more depth.

The Army has always been a family tradition. My father, grandfather, and even great grandfather all served in the Army. So it’s only reasonable that I would want to do the same. The Army is not just a job or something that you do for four years and then get out. It’s a lifestyle. You learn so much while serving your country. The Army gives you a chance to travel, see different parts of the world, and meet new people.

The Army also provides many opportunities for personal growth and development. In the Army, you are constantly challenged mentally and physically. You learn how to work as part of a team and how to lead others. You also learn how to manage stress and handle difficult situations. The Army provides all of this while also teaching you important life skills such as financial management and time management.

The Army is also a great way to serve your country. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and make a difference in the world. When you join the Army, you are making a commitment to serve your country and its people. This is an honorable thing to do, and it’s something that I am proud to be a part of.

So those are some of the reasons why I joined the Army. It’s a great way to serve your country, learn new things, and grow as a person. I am proud to be a part of the Army and I am proud to serve my country.

I initially joined the military in order to improve my physical and mental fitness. I used to wrestle and play football before I went into the military, so my physique was determined at 250 pounds. But that wasn’t for long; soon thereafter, when I began wrestling again, I was down to around 215 pounds.

As for mentally I joined to better myself so that I could be more successful in anything I put my mind to. Army has given me the ability to see thing from different perspectives and to act more responsibly.It also allowed me to gain leadership experience as well as learn how to work as a team. Army has also improved my time management skills because in the Army if you don’t manage your time wisely you will get smoked( Army lingo for getting yelled at).

I would say that joining the Army was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I do not regret it one bit. Army has given me so much and I am very proud to be a part of it. If you are thinking about joining the Army I would say go for it, it is an amazing experience that will change your life for the better.

When I Joined the Military When I decided to join the United States Army, I discovered how vital it is to be in excellent condition and have good discipline. Every morning when we got up to exercise or do any other type of training, I needed a positive mental attitude for that day, or else it would be a difficult day for me. But the two most essential reasons for having solid discipline and being in great form were so that I might pass through training without difficulty.

And the Army way of thinking is that if you can make it through Army training, then you can pretty much make it through anything in life.

The Army has always been a big part of my family. My great grandfather served in World War II, my grandfather served in the Korean War, and my uncle served in the Vietnam War. So, when I decided to join the Army, I felt like I was carrying on a family tradition. And even though I never got to meet my great grandfather or grandfather, I felt like I was serving with them.

I also wanted to join the Army because I wanted to travel and see different parts of the world. And even though I was only 17 years old when I joined, I knew that the Army would give me that opportunity.

So, those are some of the reasons why I joined the Army. And even though it hasn’t always been easy, I’m glad that I made the decision to join. Because at the end of the day, I know that I made a difference in the world and I am proud to be a part of something bigger than myself.

You will need to be on time for your classes and formation because if you’re not it will set you back and make you have a lot of trouble catching up. It is best to be on time so that you can be ahead in the class and learn more things. Army values are something else you will need to pass the training, there are 7 Army values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. You will use all of these Army values throughout your Army career.

Loyalty is being faithful to the United States Army. You show this by obeying orders from superior officers, custom and courtesies, wearing your uniform correctly and keeping yourself neat and clean. You also do things such as not going against the Army or talking badly about it.

Duty is fulfilling your obligations. You accomplish this by being on time for work and appointments, do the best you can at your job, and always complete the mission.

Respect is treating people as they should be treated. This means showing politeness and courtesy to others, living up to all your commitments, and keeping your word. It also includes treating superior officers with the respect they deserve.

Selfless Service is putting the welfare of the Nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own. You show this by working hard to accomplish the mission, even if it means putting in extra hours or doing something you don’t want to do. It also means doing your job without expecting to be rewarded or recognized for it.

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