Good People Summary

“Good People” is a short story by David Foster Wallace. The story is about two young people, named John and Brenda, who meet at a party and eventually have a one-night stand.

The story focuses on the theme of human connection and explores the idea that we are all “good people” despite our flaws. The story also deals with the topics of morality and religion, and how they can sometimes conflict with each other.

Overall, “Good People” is a thought-provoking and moving story that deals with some universal themes. It is definitely worth reading if you are looking for something deep and meaningful.

This short tale begins and progresses along the lake in part. The main characters, Lane A. Dean, Jr., and his girlfriend, Sheri Fisher, are chatting and sitting on a picnic table by the lake. Their picnic table is hidden behind a fallen tree. As a sign of something dark and gloomy, the actual downed tree is shown.

The protagonist of the story, Lane A. Dean, Jr., and his partner Sheri Fisher are sitting motionlessly beside each other at the picnic table. The environment around them is quite tense. Since their faces became obscured on one side with time as stated in the narrative, they remain seated at the table for some time.

The story is about a couple, Lane and Sheri, who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. They are both Christians and attend church regularly. The story follows them as they try to make a decision about what to do.

Lane is presented as a conflicted character. He wants to do the right thing, but he is also afraid of what others will think. He is worried about how his parents will react if they find out. Sheri is more sure of herself and her decision. She is confident in her faith and believes that God will help them through this situation.

The story ends with the couple making the decision to have an abortion. They realize that it is the best thing for them, and they have the support of their friends and family.

This story is a powerful example of the difficult decisions that people have to make in life. It shows how religion can be a source of comfort and strength during tough times. It also highlights the importance of communication and honesty in a relationship.

Lane A. Dean, Jr., the protagonist, is a 19-year old student of business and accounting. He’s a deep thinker who frequently overanalyzes his feelings and actions. He has an endless dialogue with himself on every occasion. He sits there thinking about how awful it is while doing nothing to change it. It makes him appear as a meticulous individual who demands more from himself but performs less.

Good People is a story about two young couple, Sheri and Mike, that just had their first child. The day starts out like any other day for the two of them. They’re getting ready for work, taking care of their new baby, etc. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Sheri’s water breaks and she goes into labor.

The couple rushes to the hospital, but unfortunately their baby is stillborn. This event completely shatters both Mike and Sheri. They both are left feeling angry, confused, and heartbroken. While they’re trying to grapple with this tragedy, they’re also dealing with the fact that they can’t afford to bury their child.

This is where Lane comes in. He’s a friend of the couple and he’s also a student at the local community college. When he hears about what happened, he immediately offers to help out in any way he can. He ends up paying for the funeral costs out of his own pocket.

While this act of kindness is incredibly touching, it also highlights one of the main themes of the story: the difference between good people and bad people. Lane is a good person because he’s willing to help others, even if it means making sacrifices himself. On the other hand, there are plenty of bad people in the world who only care about themselves.

The story ends with Lane reflecting on his own life and wondering if he’s really doing anything meaningful with it. He comes to the conclusion that he’s not, and he decides to make some changes. He quits his job, breaks up with his girlfriend, and starts traveling the world.

“Good People” is a touching story about compassion, loss, and self-discovery. David Foster Wallace has crafted a beautiful and moving tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

The narrative is chock-full of the main male character’s familiar concerns. He compares himself and his capacity to feel with his girlfriend’s behavior and way of acting regularly. He recognizes that he is distancing himself from his religion, which makes him believe he isn’t a good person anymore. His thinking about his motives, lack of sentiments, loss of spirituality, and confusion over his identity confuses him. He no longer understands what it means to be in love with Sheri. This is why they sit near the lake in such a serious mood without saying much.

The first thing that the reader notices is the amount of descriptive and figurative language that is used. Wallace does not shy away from using very flowery language, but it always feels purposeful. For example, when the protagonist is thinking about how he has changed since he met Sheri, he says:

“I had gone from feeling pretty good about myself to feeling like a fraud who was about to be found out.”

The use of “feeling like a fraud” is both figurative and literal. In this instance, it’s clear that the protagonist is referring to the fact that he no longer feels like he is living up to his own standards, but the phrase could also be interpreted more literally as him fearing that he will be “found out” as a fraud. This dual meaning is something that Wallace does throughout the story, and it’s one of the things that makes his writing so interesting.

Another thing that stands out about Wallace’s writing is the way he captures the thoughts and feelings of his protagonist. It’s clear that the protagonist is going through a lot of turmoil, and Wallace does an excellent job of conveying this to the reader. For example, at one point, the protagonist thinks:

“I was losing my grip on who I was, what I believed in.”

This really gets at the heart of what the story is about – the protagonist’s search for identity. Throughout the story, he tries to figure out who he is and what he believes in, but he feels like he’s losing his grip on both of those things. This internal struggle is something that Wallace captures perfectly.

Overall, “Good People” is a well-written story that explores the themes of identity and change. Wallace’s use of figurative and descriptive language brings these themes to life, and the reader is left with a lot to think about long after they finish the story.

Sheri, the female protagonist, is a 20-year old future nurse who works as a host. She is very assured in what she wants and believes in. However, she sits at the table near the lake “blank and hidden.” She does not appear to be ecstatic with her face in her hands. It indicates that there is a problem within a relationship.

The male protagonist, Neill, is a 30-year old future lawyer. He has everything that Sheri wants: a good job, money, and a beautiful girlfriend. Even though he is successful, he is not happy with his life. He is always thinking about the future and what could have been. He feels like he is missing something.

The story takes place in present day America. The setting is at a lake near Boston, Massachusetts.

The theme of the story is choices and consequences. The characters make choices that affect their lives in a negative way. For example, Sheri decides to quit her job because she does not want to work with people who are sick. This choice affects her relationship with Neill because he needs her help to pay the bills. Another example is when Neill decides to cheat on his girlfriend. This choice not only affects his relationship with his girlfriend, but also with Sheri.

The story is about two people who are struggling with their relationships. They are both facing problems that they need to deal with. The story shows how choices can affect our lives in a negative way. It also shows how we can overcome these problems by making different choices.

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