Interesting Experience

I’m not a big fan of life. My existence was just a small loop of going to school then back home after that. I go out very rarely and spend little time with my peers. That identical cycle followed me until I graduated from high school. When I transferred to a new institution, I had some sort of enthusiasm for the first time in my life.

A college that is two hours away from my home. So, I am staying at my aunt’s house which is near the college.

The first day of my classes was interesting. I saw a lot of new faces. I also observed that the people here are much more good looking than in my previous college. The girls, in particular, caught my attention. I also noticed that the guys here are more fashionable. They are wearing clothes that are trendy and stylish.

This new environment is very different from what I am used to. But, I like it here. I feel like I am finally out of my shell. I am excited to explore more of this new world and to meet new people. Who knows, maybe this is where I truly belong.

My parents enrolled me to Tarlac College of Agriculture, a different institution, on my supposedly second year at college. I nearly got lost because I didn’t know how to get there and it was too far away. My parents merely told me that it was in Camiling, but they did not demand that I come with them.

I was so lost and I don’t know how to go there. I know it would be easy to ask someone for directions but I am too shy for that. What if they won’t understand me? So, instead of asking people, I decided to just follow the sun because I know it will set in the west and Tarlac is located in Central Luzon which is in the west part of the Philippines. So, I walked and walked until I found myself in Tarlac City. It was a long walk but it was all worth it because that’s where I met “The Look”.

“The Look” is a famous fast food chain in the Philippines and it is also my favorite fast food restaurant. I was so happy when I saw it because I know I am already in Tarlac College of Agriculture. I went inside and order my food. While waiting for my food, I saw a lot of students inside the restaurant and they are all wearing their school uniform. That’s when I realized that I am in the wrong school! I am in Tarlac National High School and not in Tarlac College of Agriculture.

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to go home immediately but my food is not yet ready. So, I decided to just eat my food and go home right after. When my food was finally served, I immediately went to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier told me that my food is already paid and I was surprised because I know I didn’t pay for it. That’s when I saw him, the guy who paid for my food. He is also wearing a school uniform and he is so handsome. We exchange looks and he just smiled at me. I don’t know what to do so I just smiled back at him and said thank you.

After that incident, I always go back to that restaurant hoping to see him again but I never did. Until now, I am still wondering who he is and why did he pay for my food. Maybe he is just being nice or maybe he likes me. Either way, it was a very interesting experience for me and I will never forget it.

This experience is one of the reasons why I love going to Tarlac City. It may be a long walk from my house but it is all worth it because you will never know what will happen to you along the way. So, if you ever find yourself in Tarlac City, make sure to visit “The Look” and who knows, you might also have an interesting experience like mine.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. Hahaha. I haven’t enrolled yet, and the guard has already scolded me. When I saw the campus for the first time, I was greatly astonished. My previous institution was tiny in comparison to its size. It even had a grid system in place. Then it occurred to me that I would like to attend this school and that it would be exciting.

Unfortunately, my excitement only lasted for a day. The next day, I went to the college with packing tape around my bruised finger. I got lost and ended up at the admin office. The woman there looked at me sternly and started asking questions. I explained what happened and she just sighed. Then she led me to the guidance office.

The guidance counselor was very kind and helpful. She asked me about my interests and gave me a list of the courses that I could take. We talked for a while longer and she told me that I should come back if I needed help with anything else.

As I left her office, I felt a little better about the college. Even though I had gotten lost and gotten scolded, I knew that there were people there who would help me.

I’m still getting lost sometimes, but I’ve made friends and I love my classes. The college experience has been interesting so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

After I had officially registered, I received another problem to deal with: a residency where I will reside. Fortunately, there is a dormitory on the premises. This time, because my mother is the one who will communicate with the manager, I was accompanied by her. Because

From cooking to cleaning and doing the laundry by myself, I was so happy that I will experience all of this. As we go inside, the first thing that caught my attention was the long line in front of the manager’s office. Apparently, there are a lot of students who are also looking for a place to stay. When it was our turn, my mother did all the talking while I just stood there and listened.

The manager told us that there are no more rooms available and we have to look for another place. Hearing this made me so sad because I really wanted to stay in the dormitory. But my mother comforted me and said that we will find a better place. And she was right. We found an apartment near the campus and it was perfect for me. Even though I didn’t get to stay in the dormitory, I was still happy with my new home.

This is my most interesting experience because it taught me how to be independent and how to deal with disappointment. It also made me realize that even though things don’t always go the way we want, there is always a silver lining. So, whenever you face a difficult situation, just remember that everything happens for a reason and there is always a better outcome waiting for you.

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