Montclair State University Essay

Montclair State University is a great choice for students who want the convenience of public transport. The university is located near major highways and public transportation hubs, making it easy to get around. Plus, with Montclair State University’s shuttle bus service, getting to and from campus is a breeze. Whether you’re commuting from New York City or from another town in New Jersey, Montclair State University is an accessible and affordable option.

I felt at home the first time I stepped onto Montclair State University’s grounds. It was so lovely and seeing the stunning, blossoming flowers in the middle of spring was breathtaking. I could picture myself as a student at the school, how quickly I would become acclimated to it, and how wonderful it would be. Unfortunately, I had to accept that everything was a fantasy and nothing appeared to be perfect because it appears now.

After my first day of classes, I realized that the school was not as convenient as I thought. It was located quite a bit away from any public transportation and getting to class on time was a challenge. I often had to rely on friends for rides or gave up and took an Uber. The cost of living in the area was also high and I quickly ran out of money.

Despite the challenges, I am glad that I chose Montclair State University. The school has a lot to offer and I have made some great friends here. The professors are also very knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. If you are considering Montclair State University, I would say go for it! Just be prepared for the challenges that come with it.

Despite the fact that Montclair State University has several wonderful factors, it also has some flaws. The three most significant aspects of Montclair State University with which I believe they may be improved are parking, the shuttle bus, and registration scheduling. The parking mechanism is one of the most critical negative elements about Montclair State University that I despise.

I have to park my car in a different parking lot every day because I do not have a parking pass for any one particular lot. This is very inconvenient, and it often makes me late for class. Another aspect of Montclair State University that I believe can be improved is the shuttle bus system. The shuttle buses are very crowded, and they often do not run on time.

This causes a lot of inconvenience for students who rely on the shuttle buses to get to class on time. The last aspect of Montclair State University that I believe can be improved is the registration arrangement. I think that the registration system is very confusing, and it often takes a long time to register for classes. Overall, I think that these three aspects of Montclair State University can be improved.

If you are looking for a school that has great public transport, Montclair State University is the school for you! The university offers a variety of shuttle bus services that can take you to class on time. However, the shuttle buses can be very crowded, and they often do not run on time. Another great aspect of Montclair State University is the registration system. The registration system is very confusing, and it often takes a long time to register for classes.

Parking is a major issue at the University, and many students are aware of how difficult and stressful it can be. The worst part is that undergrads and sophomores are forced to park at the transit deck, which is around a ten-minute walk away. Parking at the transit deck is extremely time-consuming, and most students are late for their first class due to it.

The only good thing about the transit deck is that it’s right next to the university shuttle stop, which takes students to various parts of campus. The university also has a partnership with NJ Transit, which offers a 10-trip bus pass for only $10.50. This bus pass can be used on any NJ Transit bus or train, and it’s a great way for students to save money on transportation. Overall, Montclair State University provides many options for students when it comes to public transportation.

A doorman will walk the path of each floor in a single trip, but he or she must return to inspect it again. It’s nearly tough to discover a great location, so all you can do is grab the first position that comes up whether it’s on one of the top floors or not.

Public transportation is not an option to get around Montclair State University because the university does not offer any. The only way to get from one building to another on campus is by walking or taking the shuttle, which takes about 10 minutes.

MSU is located in a very small town, so there are not many options for food other than the dining hall. The food is not great, but it is edible. The only other place to eat is at one of the fast food places located off-campus. Most students either bring their own food or go home on the weekends to eat.

The academic buildings are spread out across campus, so it can be difficult to get to your classes on time if they are back-to-back. This is one of the downfalls of MSU. However, the professors are understanding and willing to work with you if you have a conflict.

MSU is a great school for students who want to get involved on campus and meet new people. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to join, and the Greek life is very strong. The school also offers many opportunities to study abroad, which is a great experience for any student.

Parking in Montclair is particularly difficult because it is so congested. One must leave their house or apartment considerably early, especially if they have a morning class, to locate parking. It truly does require a significant amount of time and, worse, be crowded. Overall, I was not anticipating parking in Montclair would be this challenging; nevertheless, I must accept it in order to get the most out of my college experience.

Aside from the parking, Montclair is a great school. The campus is gigantic and has a little bit of everything. There are many students that attend this university, and because of that the amount of clubs and organizations is very vast. I am currently in two organizations, one being the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the other being HerCampus.

Joining these organizations has allowed me to branch out and make new friends that have similar interests as me. If I did not join any clubs, I would probably only know the people in my major and no one else. It is important to get involved on campus, and Montclair offers so many opportunities to do so.

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