Motivational Letter

I’m writing to you in order to apply for the Master’s Degree in Project Management, which is a field in which I am particularly interested.. I am a recent graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and I have worked as an intern in a project management office for six months.

I am interested in pursuing a career in project management because it offers me the opportunity to use my analytical and problem-solving skills to contribute to the success of organizations. In addition, I enjoy working in team environments and collaborating with others to achieve common goals.

I believe that I have the necessary skills and qualifications for the Master’s Degree in Project Management. In addition to my academic background, I have also gained practical experience through my internship. I am confident that I can successfully complete the program and contribute to your organization.

My objective is to work in an international field of project administration and consulting. Since I was a youngster, I’ve always wanted to be a manager. As a result, I’d want to obtain deeper theoretical understanding and applied expertise in order for me to assess project management from a multicultural viewpoint. I feel that ESC Lille is the best institution for me to reach my professional goals because it has a good reputation.

ESC Lille has an excellent academic reputation and is ranked high in both France and internationally. The Project Management program at ESC Lille is one of the best in Europe and will give me the theoretical knowledge and practical skills I need to succeed in my chosen career.

The French culture and language are also important factors in my decision to study at ESC Lille. I have always been interested in learning new languages and cultures, and believe that France is the perfect place to do this. I am confident that I will be able to improve my language skills while also gaining valuable insights into French business culture.

I am looking forward to studying at ESC Lille and hope to have the opportunity to contribute to the university community. I am confident that I have the skills and motivation to succeed in the Project Management program and would be grateful for the opportunity to study at ESC Lille.

I wanted to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with an A- grade. This broadened my understanding of technology and its role in this everchanging society. My real-time industrial expertise began during the third semester of my graduate program.

I worked as a Junior Engineer in HCL Technologies, Noida for 1.5 years. I was instrumental in conducting training sessions for the new joiners in the company. I also got an opportunity to work on a migration project from old servers to new ones. This gave me confidence and a chance to lead a team of 4 members.

Thereafter, I moved to Mumbai and worked as an Associate Consultant in Tata Consultancy Services for 2 years. Here my work involved managing client expectations, solving critical issues and delivery within timelines. I was successful in completing all the projects assigned to me and earned 2 promotions during this period. My interpersonal skills were further honed as I had to manage clients from across geographies like US, Europe, India etc.

I am now keen to pursue my masters and specialize in the area of project management. I want to learn more about how to efficiently manage projects, people and resources. I am confident that with my experience and skills, I will be able to contribute to your program and also learn a lot from it. I would appreciate if you could consider my application for admission to your esteemed university.

During the course, I completed four discrete projects; on all of them, I gave my best in all areas of the software lifecycle. With a vast range of industrial experiences and great professional conduct, the client interaction has helped me develop into a better professional. I got an overall score of 75%.

I had started my career with a small IT company as a software engineer. I successfully completed one project during the probation period. After that, the management appreciated and promoted me as Project Manager. From then onwards, I have been managing projects and successfully delivered many of them.

As a project manager, my responsibilities include planning, execution, monitoring, and closure of projects. I have experience in managing web development, e-commerce, CRM, and desktop application development projects. I am well-versed with various project management methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, etc. My forte is to deliver quality products within the stipulated timeframe.

I am looking for an opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge. I am confident that I can be an asset to your organization. I would appreciate if you could consider me for the job role of Project Manager.

I thought my prospects would be limited after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, so I opted to study for my masters. I was lucky enough to get a seat in a college that was one of the top ten technical institutions in India. Apart from studying, I got involved in several management tasks by putting on cultural events and symposiums.

My involvement in these activities helped me to be a good team player and also improved my leadership qualities.

After completing my masters, I worked in an IT company for 2 years as a project manager. My job was to monitor and control the progress of various projects. I was successful in completing all the projects within the deadline. My work experience has made me responsible and also taught me how to handle different situations.

I am now interested in pursuing my PhD degree so that I can gain more knowledge about management and project management. My aim is to become a professor in a reputed university so that I can share my knowledge with others. I am confident that I have what it takes to be a successful student and contribute to the field of management.

I would be grateful if you could consider my application and provide me with an opportunity to study in your esteemed university. I am confident that I will be able to do justice to the program and also contribute to the department.

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