My Best Memory

Example 1

Memory is a funny thing. It’s something that we all have, but it’s also something that we all experience differently. For me, memories are some of the most precious things in life. They’re like little snapshots of moments that we can hold onto forever.

Some of my best memories are from my childhood. I remember spending lazy summer days at the pool with my friends, or running around in the sprinklers in my backyard. I also remember family vacations and holidays, when everything felt just a little bit more magical.

As I’ve gotten older, my memories have become more bittersweet. I still cherish the good times, but I also remember the tough times too. These memories remind me of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown.

No matter what kind of memories we have, they’re all special in their own way. They remind us of who we are and where we’ve been. And that’s why I think they’re some of the most precious things in life.

It all began with the urgent ring of the phone, and I recall it well… It was a gorgeous February day. I glanced at my bedside clock and saw that it was 6:30 am, just as I realized the time. My first show ever was coming up that day, so I looked to my door to see if they were there. The phone disrupted my thoughts just as I was looking at them; from there on everything changed.

My mam was on the other end of the line, “Maura hurry up and get dressed, I’ll be there in half an hour to pick you up.”

I leaped out of bed with a start and began to throw on my clothes. I was so excited that I could barely contain myself, but I knew that I had to focus if I wanted to do well at the show.

I ran downstairs to have a quick breakfast before my mom arrived. As soon as she walked in the door she said we had to go if we wanted to make it in time for my class.

We arrived at the showgrounds just as my class was being called. My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked into the ring. I tried to stay calm and focus on what I had to do.

Fortunately, all my hard work paid off and I won first prize! As I rode out of the ring I felt like I was on top of the world. That day was one of the best days of my life, and it’s a memory that I will cherish forever.

Example 2

Orly Solomon was a child star in France, the French Shirley Temple if I may say so. At the age of eight she became a famed singer, actress, and TV presenter. She even made it into the Guinness World Records as the world’s youngest television host. Orly traveled around singing for years, released CDs and performed on television and stages throughout her career. But as she grew older, owing to bad management, she lost momentum and slipped out of favor with the entertainment business.

But Orly didn’t give up. In her early twenties she started to write songs again and released a new album. She also started acting in plays, commercials and movies. And slowly but surely, Orly Solomon made her comeback.

Nowadays Orly is a well-known name in France once again, and is loved by both young and old. She has released several successful albums, acted in popular TV shows and movies, and hosted her own TV show. She is living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Orly was never one to give up easily, and so she reapplied for a major role in the renowned The Lion King several years later. It was in German, which she didn’t speak. After extensive auditions and having to learn German in a very short period of time in order to pass her final audition, Orly was accepted and relocated to Germany in 2003. Orly was back on stage captivating audiences once more.

Even though Orly loves her life now, she does have a few regrets. One of which is not learning how to read music. Throughout her entire life music has been a passion of hers, and not being able to read it has always been a bit of a hindrance.

Orly’s life has been full of amazing memories, from her time in the army to her world-renowned role in The Lion King. However, one of her most cherished memories is actually quite simple: spending time with her family. Orly loves her family dearly, and even though they don’t always see eye to eye, she knows that they will always be there for her no matter what.

Spending time with family is definitely one of Orly’s best memories. Even though they don’t always agree, she knows that they will always be there for her no matter what. That is the true meaning of family.

Orly got weary of the assembly line job after a while. As an artist, she desired creativity and change, just as any other in a long-running production would. She wanted to go to Cuba and learn Spanish and salsa, which was her greatest desire. Orly had another ambition – to record a solo with some of Cuba’s most famous artists including Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor, Pupy y Los Que Son Son, and others. And months later she fulfilled her ambition in everything else in her life.

In May of 2019 Orly released a song called “No Me Olvides” with one of Cuba’s most iconic bands – Los Van Van. The song was an instant hit in Cuba going to number 1 on iTunes and radio charts. It remained in the top 10 for 6 weeks. “No Me Olvides” was also nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Tropical Latin Song.

Orly’s music career has taken her all over the world performing at some of the most prestigious festivals and venues including: The Montreal International Jazz Festival, New York Winter Jazzfest, Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, Blue Note Tokyo, North Sea Jazz Festival and more.

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