My Mother Is My Role Model

Many people follow the admirable examples of others in their life, whether it’s an actor, superhero, sports hero, or simply someone they look up to and are inspired by. My mother is one of those persons for me; she’s very gorgeous and successful. She has been there for me since I can remember, supporting any goal or ambition I tried to achieve. I hope to be able on when I am older to be there for my children in the way she was for me today.

High school is a very important time in a persons life. It is the time when you find yourself and learn who you want to be in the future. My mom has been my rock during high school, she never missed a game or a performance. She would always be there to give me a hug after we won or console me after we lost. I know that no matter what happens in my life she will always be there for me.

My first impression of her is that she’s incredibly beautiful. She looks clean-cut and ready for anything, whether she’s dressed casually or professionally. She has a brilliant big white grin that can brighten a room. Her cheekbones are quite prominent, which many people wish they possessed. Her eyes have a light brownish green tinge to them; as you gaze into them, you can see all the love she has for others. I believe my mother is quite tall; however, she isn’t excessively so. To be honest, I’m really grateful to have inherited my mother’s genes.

The second thing I admire is her intelligence. My mom went to high school and was able to graduate with honors. After high school she decided to go to college and get her degree in accounting. She then went on and got her masters in accounting and became a certified public accountant. Not only is she brilliant, but she is also very street smart. When it comes to business my mom knows what she is doing, and I hope to be half the business women she is one day.

Last but not least, I admire her for her strength. Despite all the heartache my mom has been through she has never given up on life or on people. She has always been there for me when I needed her, even if I didn’t deserve it. No matter how many times I have let her down, she has always forgiven me and welcomed me back with open arms. I know that I can always count on her for anything, and that is something incredibly special.

My mom is truly my role model, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She has taught me so much about intelligence, strength, and most importantly beauty. The next time you see your mom, be sure to tell her how much you love her, because she definitely deserves it.

My mother isn’t only gorgeous; she’s also very intelligent. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Cal State Long Beach and later her master’s at Arizona State University in education. For almost ten years, my mother has worked as a seventh grade science teacher at Rhodes Junior High. She still loves every minute of it to this day.

She has told me that she would never change her profession for anything. High school was really tough for my mom, especially with having to raise me and my sister by herself while my dad was deployed. I remember her always telling me that no matter how hard things got, she would never give up on us. And she didn’t, she made it through those tough years and came out stronger than ever.

She is a hard worker and ensures that each lesson she offers keeps the kids interested and learning. She goes above and beyond for her pupils to ensure that everything is to its fullest potential before presenting it to her class. I wish I could be as successful as my mother when I grow up in whatever profession I choose.

My mom is my role model because she is High school. She is a hard worker and makes sure that every lesson she teaches keeps the students interested and learning. She goes over and beyond for her students and does her best to make sure everything is to its full potential before presenting it to her class. I hope that when I am older, in what ever career I choose, I will work just as hard to be as successful as my mom.

My father is also a great role model. He works hard to provide for our family and always puts us first. He is always there for us when we need him and always has sage advice when we are struggling with something. I am very lucky to have such great parents who have always supported me and been there for me. I hope to be half the parent they are someday.

Finally, but by no means least, my mother has always been there for me to ensure that every ambition or goal I may have is realized. My mom has done everything in her power to assist me in numerous events since I was a kid. My mother was usually the first one at my side whether I was having difficulty with a class, driving me to wherever I needed to go, or simply wanted someone to be there for support.

High school was a difficult time for me and my mom was always my rock to help me get through it. I know that I can always count on her to be there when I need her the most.

My father has also been a great role model in my life. He has taught me so many valuable lessons, including the importance of hard work and determination. My father is one of the hardest working people I know and he has always instilled that work ethic in me. He has also shown me how to be a great provider for my family. I am so grateful to have him as a father and a role model.

In ninth grade, I became very unwell and fell far behind in my studies. Because of absences, I almost didn’t pass a few classes previous to the end of the school year, but my mother worked with me late at night to help me catch up and move on to the tenth grade without stress about what I had done previously. Many parents would simply allow their children to fail or pass on their own terms if they don’t achieve their goals.

But not my mom, no she made sure I did what I had to do so I could continue my education and follow my dreams.

That is why she is my role model, because even when things were tough she never gave up on me and always pushed me to be better. In high school, I was extremely shy and never really talked to anyone outside of my family or close friends. Because of this, I missed out on a lot of opportunities to make new friends and experiences. But my mom saw how unhappy I was and encouraged me to go out and talk to people, even if it was just saying hello in the hallways.

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