My Proudest Moment

When I was nine years old, I had my most significant achievement. It was the first day I had gone back to horseback riding lessons since I was six years old. My horse threw me off when I was six, and my riding instructor advised me to take a break because it was winter and harsh on my asthma. So when my grandma offered to pay for new lessons for me, I was overjoyed and seized the opportunity right away.

The first day of my new lessons I was put on a horse named Buttons. He was a very calm and gentle horse, nothing like the one I used to ride. The instructor had me trot around the arena a few times and then asked me to canter. I did as she asked and then before I knew it, I was galloping. I felt the wind in my hair and the horse was moving so fast beneath me that it took my breath away. It was an incredible feeling and one that I will never forget.

When I finally pulled up on the reins and stopped, the instructor came over to me with a huge smile on her face. She told me that she was very proud of me and that I had done an amazing job. That was the best day ever and it is a moment that I will always remember.

When I was five years old, I began riding horses and went to lessons with my best buddy Lexi every day. Lexi was much better than me and owned her own horse. I was envious of her because she could jump, canter, and trot, whereas in the year that I had been taking lessons, I was only allowed to trot. I wasn’t scared at all. When it came to riding horses, I took chances and desired to try new things as soon as possible.

I was always the first one to try something new in my lesson, whether it be a different gait or a small jump.

One day, my instructor announced that we were going to start learning how to canter. I remember being so excited, and I couldn’t wait to try it. My instructor put me on a horse named Socks, who was a very gentle and easygoing horse. She had me trot around the arena a few times to warm up, and then she told me that when she said “go” I would have to squeeze my legs around Socks’s belly and lean slightly forward.

When she said “go,” I did just as she said and before I knew it we were cantering around the arena. I was so proud of myself for finally being able to do it, and I beamed with pride as my parents clapped for me from the sidelines.

That was definitely my proudest moment in horseback riding, and it’s a memory that I will always cherish. Horseback riding has taught me so many things over the years, including patience, responsibility, and most importantly, confidence. Whenever I feel like I can’t do something or like I’m not good enough, I always think back to that moment when I finally mastered cantering, and it reminds me that if I set my mind to something and work hard enough, I can achieve anything.

But one day everything went horribly wrong. I wasn’t on my usual horse, Charmer, and the instructor had me on Star, who was usually ridden by Lexi. I’d never been in another horse’s saddle before, and I certainly didn’t want to be put on a horse that would be used later. It was bitterly cold that day and the ground was covered in snow. When Star became spooked cantering down the ring and I was thrown off, my back hurt, my face and fingers were frozen solid, and

I had to be helped up and I walked off the ring in shame. That was my lowest moment as an equestrian. But it wasn’t going to stop me from getting back on a horse and continuing to ride. I knew that if I wanted to continue doing something I loved, I had to get back on the horse, literally. So, I took a deep breath, mounted Star, and continued my lesson.

Although that was one of my lowest moments, it is also one of my proudest moments. Because despite falling and being hurt, I got back on the horse and continued doing what I loved. That moment taught me that no matter how hard you fall, you can always get back up and continue doing what you love. And that is why that moment is one of my proudest moments.

This essay tells the story of the author’s proudest moment, which was also one of their lowest moments. The author describes how they were thrown off their horse during a lesson, but got back on and continued riding. This moment taught them a valuable lesson about perseverance and resilience, which is why it is one of their proudest moments.

My dad never renewed my riding lessons after they ended in the spring and summer. After three years, I started again. I was sad to discover that I was cantering, jumping, and still troting as a result of losing all of my expertise, but I was back on horseback and better than ever before.

I had gotten a new instructor and she was amazing. I loved going to my lessons every week, and I even begged my mom to get me a horse. She said no because we didn’t have the money, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

I continued to work hard at my lessons and within 6 months, I was cantering confidently and jumping small fences. I was also finally trotting without holding on for dear life. My instructor started to enter me into little competitions and I soon developed a love for dressage, which is an equestrian event where horses and riders showcase different movements and gaits flawlessly. After about a year of riding, my mom saw how much I loved it and she finally got me my own horse.

I was beyond ecstatic, and I named her Belle after the beautiful Horse in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. From that day on, I spent every waking moment with Belle. We went on long trail rides, we worked hard during our dressage lessons, and we jumped fences higher than I ever thought possible.

Three years have passed since my mom got me Belle, and I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision she ever made. Horseback riding has given me confidence, strength, and most importantly, a true passion in life. It would be impossible to pick just one proudest moment during my equestrian career, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say it was the day that I won my first dressage competition. It was a small local show, but to me, it felt like the Olympics.

I was so proud of Belle and myself for what we had accomplished and it just solidified my love for the sport even more. Horseback riding is something that I will do for the rest of my life, and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing passion.

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