One Friday Morning Summary

“One Friday Morning” is a short story by Langston Hughes. It was first published in 1941.

The story is about a young black girl named Nancy Lee who is starting her first day of school. She is excited to be going to a new school, but she quickly realizes that she is the only black student in the entire school.

Nancy Lee faces racism and discrimination from her classmates and teachers, but she doesn’t let that stop her from getting an education. She eventually goes on to become a successful doctor.

This story is an important part of American literature because it highlights the struggles of black Americans during this time period. It also shows how far they have come since then.

All around us, we see examples of prejudice. Everyone has experienced discrimination to some degree in his or her life. The short story “One Friday Morning” was written by Langston Hughes, an African-American writer. A young woman is discriminated against at her school because she is black in this tale. Many disappointments come our way in life, which make us stronger people. Those who discriminate typically have never been on the receiving end of prejudice.

One Friday Morning is a story that can help people to be more aware of discrimination and its effects.

The story “One Friday Morning” is about a girl named Nancy Lee who was discriminated in her school because she was black. Nancy Lee was the only black student in her class. One day, she went to school and saw that her teacher, Mrs. Moss, had put up a picture of a white girl on the wall. When Nancy Lee asked why there was no picture of her on the wall, Mrs. Moss said that it was because she was black. This made Nancy Lee very upset and she started to cry. She ran out of the classroom and didn’t come back until the next day.

When Nancy Lee came back to school, she saw that Mrs. Moss had put up a picture of her on the wall. This made Nancy Lee very happy. She learned that she should never give up and that she is just as good as anyone else, no matter what color her skin is.

This story can help people to be more aware of discrimination and its effects. It shows that people who discriminate usually have never experienced discrimination themselves. It also shows that life brings many disappointments, but these disappointments can make a person stronger.

Nancy Lee, the protagonist of the narrative, fits in well with her classmates, despite being black. She is known as intelligent and fits in well at school. Nancy Lee was a member of many school clubs and activities. Nancy Lee and her classmates were concerned about who had won the Artist Club scholarship as graduation neared. One day in April, Miss O’Shay, the vice-principal, asked Nancy Lee to come to her office to talk about something. Nancy began to fear that she may have done something wrong.

When she got to Miss O’Shay’s office, Nancy Lee found out that she won the Artist Club scholarship. Nancy Lee was excited and couldn’t wait to tell her mother the news.

But when Nancy Lee got home, her mother had other news for her. Her mother told Nancy Lee that she would not be able to go to the graduation ceremony because she is colored. Nancy Lee was heartbroken and felt like she didn’t belong anywhere. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to graduation even though she worked hard and did everything her classmates did.

After a while, Nancy Lee realized that maybe it wasn’t about her at all. Maybe her mother just wanted to protect her from the hurt and pain that she would feel if she went to graduation and saw that she was the only one who wasn’t able to participate. Nancy Lee’s mother was right, and even though Nancy Lee didn’t understand it at the time, she was grateful for her mother’s protection.

“One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes is a short story about a young girl named Nancy Lee who is faced with discrimination. Although she is intelligent and has participated in many school activities, Nancy Lee is not allowed to attend her own graduation ceremony because she is colored. This news comes as a shock to Nancy Lee, but she eventually realizes that her mother is only trying to protect her. Even though she doesn’t understand it at the time, Nancy Lee is grateful for her mother’s protection.

Nancy Lee walked into Miss O’Shay’s office nervously. Nancy Lee was informed that her photograph had won the Artist Club scholarship by Miss O’Shay. Miss O’Shay, on the other hand, advised her not to inform any of her classmates until she was ready. Nancy rush home as fast as possible, anxious to inform her parents. She had everything planned out for Friday morning: Her mother would come to pick her up and drive her home; she was all set.

When Nancy Lee walked into the classroom, all of her classmates were there, including Miss O’Shay. One by one, each student was announced as the winner of a different scholarship. When Nancy Lee’s name was called, she walked up to the podium to accept her award. As she looked out at the audience, she saw that her mother was not there. She searched the crowd for her mother, but she was nowhere to be found. Nancy Lee was devastated and embarrassed. She quickly ran off the stage in tears.

Later that day, Nancy Lee’s mother finally came home. When Nancy Lee asked her why she wasn’t there that morning, her mother explained that she had been at work. Nancy Lee was angry and hurt that her mother hadn’t been there to support her. However, she was also understand that her mother had to work to provide for the family. In the end, Nancy Lee forgave her mother and they both learned a valuable lesson.

On her way to school, Nancy Lee received a phone call from Miss O’Shay. The Committee was unable to give Nancy Lee her accolade, according to Miss O’Shay. The Committee discovered that she was African-American and determined it would be improper to give her the award because of her race. Nancy Lee was shocked, stunned, and devastated by the incident. She had never before experienced prejudice but in such a harsh manner. However, that day he taught something important to him and refused to let a silly art prize get him down. He left with his head held high.

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