Political Cartoon Analysis Essay

Immigration of illegal aliens has been a huge controversy for many years in the United States and in many other parts of the world. Many Americans believe that illegal workers only come to America to invade our country and use the recourses that our government offers. Some even believe that illegal aliens are dirty and bring diseases to our country.

While others believe that these people are just trying to escape the poverty and violence in their home countries, in search of a better life. There has been a lot of debate on whether we should build a wall at the Mexican border, or if we should deport all illegal aliens back to their home countries.

A political cartoon is a drawing that makes a commentary on current events. This means that the cartoonist is making a statement about something that is happening in the world. Political cartoons can be found in newspapers, online, and even on TV.

When looking at a political cartoon, it is important to think about what message the cartoonist is trying to communicate. To do this, you will need to look at the different elements of the cartoon, such as the pictures, words, and symbols. You will also need to think about the context of the cartoon, which is the time period and events that were happening when it was created.

Lalo Alcaraz, a renowned writer, cartoonist, and artist who has written several books and graphic novels, disagrees with this huge problem that has plagued America for many centuries. According to an article in a newspaper, Alcaraz offers two significant reasons why he thinks illegal workers benefit the United States’ economy and make our lives better.

Alcaraz, born and raised in Los Angeles by Chicano parents, is extremely familiar with the life of an immigrant as well as the struggles that come with it. In his article “Why Immigrants are America’s Lifeblood” Alcaraz argues that if America were to deport all illegal immigrants, not only would the economy crash, but American citizens would have to suffer through many difficult consequences.

Alcaraz begins his argument by stating that “getting rid of millions of workers will tank our economy” (Alcaraz 1). He uses a very valid example to back up his statement. He claims that if every illegal immigrant in America were to be deported, the agricultural industry would completely collapse.

This is because a majority of agricultural workers in America are illegal immigrants. He states that “in California, it’s been estimated that 70% of farmworkers are undocumented” (Alcaraz 1). This is a shocking statistic because it means that if all illegal immigrants were to be deported, the agricultural industry would lose approximately two-thirds of its workforce.

The loss of such a large workforce would have disastrous consequences for the American economy. The agricultural industry is a $32.9 billion industry in California alone (Alcaraz 1). If the agricultural industry were to collapse, it would take down many other industries with it.

This is because the agricultural industry provides food for grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. If there were no agricultural industry, these businesses would have to close down because they would not have anything to sell. This would lead to even more job loss and an even bigger hit to the economy.

Not only would the economy suffer, but American citizens would as well. Alcaraz argues that “undocumented workers perform many of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in our country” (Alcaraz 1). These jobs are often the ones that American citizens do not want to do.

They are low-paying, dangerous, and sometimes dirty. However, somebody has to do them. If there were no illegal immigrants to do these jobs, Americans would be forced to do them. This would lead to even more job loss because Americans would quit their current jobs to do these lower-paying, more dangerous jobs.

In conclusion, Alcaraz believes that illegal immigrants benefit America’s economy and make our lives better. He provides valid points and evidence to back up his claims. While some people may not agree with Alcaraz, his opinion is important to consider.

A lettuce-carrying man is seen in this photograph. He’s wearing a long sleeve shirt to protect him from the sun, and he’s got a box of lettuce. The woman is also wearing a long sleeve shirt and a bandana to keep her hair away from her face, as well as drops of sweat rolling down her brow.

Lalo Alcaraz is attempting to convey the notion that while the rich couple considers what the illegal immigrants ever did for them, they are oblivious to the fact that they are the ones who get the greatest fruit and vegetables they consume.

This is a social commentary on how people who are opposed to illegal immigration are not aware of all the benefits that they get from them.

Lalo Alcaraz is a Chicano cartoonist and his work often addresses Mexican-American issues. In this cartoon, he is commenting on how hypocritical some people can be when it comes to illegal immigration. On one hand, they benefit from the hard work of these immigrants, but on the other hand, they want them to be deported. This is a very relevant issue in today’s political climate. With the current administration’s stance on immigration, this cartoon is very timely.

The illegal immigrants do work that no one would want to perform. They take on any task for a meagre wage with no benefits. People’s lifestyles would be dramatically different if it were not for the assistance of illegal immigrants. It has a significant influence on our economy. “How immigrants may really ruin our quality of life…,” Alcaraz depicts an Anglo couple in casual clothes with astonished faces, opposite an illegal pair.

The illegal couple is carrying a lot of things and they look dirty. This could be interpreted in different ways, but I think Alcaraz is trying to say that immigrants are coming to the United States and taking over. They are ruining our quality of life because they are willing to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.

Alcaraz is trying to make a point about how immigration, both legal and illegal, affects our economy. He is also trying to show how immigrants are often portrayed in the media. The first cartoon shows immigrants as hard workers who are essential to our economy. The second cartoon shows immigrants as dirty and crime-ridden. These two cartoons show how immigration is a complex issue with many different perspectives.

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