Steven King Why We Crave Horror Movies

Film has always been a source of entertainment for people all around the world. It is one of the most popular art forms, and there are many different genres to choose from. One genre that has always been popular is horror. Horror films have been around since the early days of cinema, and they continue to be popular today. Stephen King is one of the most famous authors in the world, and he has written many horror novels. In his essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” King discusses why people enjoy watching horror films.

King argues that there are three main reasons why people enjoy watching horror films. First, he says that people enjoy being scared. Horror films provide a way for people to experience fear in a safe environment. Second, King argues that horror films provide a temporary escape from reality. People can forget about their problems and concerns while they are watching a horror film. Finally, King argues that horror films allow people to explore the dark side of human nature. Horror films allow people to safely explore their own darkest desires and fears.

King’s essay provides a interesting perspective on why people enjoy watching horror films. His three main arguments are persuasive, and they provide a good explanation for why horror films are so popular. However, there are some other factors that could be considered as well.

For example, many people enjoy watching horror films because they are suspenseful and exciting. Additionally, some people watch horror films because they like to see fictional characters die in gruesome ways. Whatever the reasons may be, there is no doubt that horror films continue to be popular with audiences all around the world.

The majority of people enjoy a magnificent horror film. When watching a frightening motion picture, one feels naturally afraid. However, one must wonder what it is about terror that makes people like it. They are well aware that seeing these sorts of films will induce anxiety, but most individuals still watch them and pay to be scared.

In his essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, Stephen King tries to explain why it is that people enjoy being scared by horror movies.

King believes that there are four main reasons as to why people enjoy horror movies. The first reason is that people are able to confront their fears in a controlled setting. When people watch horror movies, they know that they are in a safe environment and that the scares are not real. This allows them to confront their fears head on and feel a sense of triumph when they are able to make it through the movie without being too scared.

The second reason is that it is a way for people to release all of their pent-up frustrations. In the world today, there are a lot of things that can cause people to feel stressed out. Horror movies provide a way for people to let all of that frustration out in a safe and controlled way.

The third reason is that it provides people with a sense of suspense and excitement. Most horror movies are full of suspenseful moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. This suspense and excitement is something that many people crave in their everyday lives.

The fourth and final reason is that horror movies allow people to explore the dark side of human nature. Many horror movies deal with topics that are taboo or scary in real life. This allows people to explore these dark aspects of human nature in a safe and controlled setting.

What is it about these movies that makes them so popular? Some reasons behind why people watch horror movies include a lack of mental health, suspense, and a connection to the characters in the film.

There is a little mental illness that comes with horror fans. In King’s essay he talks about how, “We accept the fact that we all came from apes, but we will go to great lengths to deny that we are still apes” (King 2). This means that people want to believe that they have progressed further than their animal instincts. By watching horror movies, it lets them explore the darker side of human nature in a controlled setting. It also allows them to see what they are capable of and face their fears. Horror movies allow people to feel suspenseful emotions without actually being in danger.

As King states in his essay, “Part of the reason why we like to read or see stories about fear is because they offer us a vicarious experience of those feelings” (King 3). This is what people enjoy about horror movies, the feeling of fear without actually being in danger. The suspense keeps people at the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. It is also a way for people to feel adrenaline without having to participate in any dangerous activities.

In addition, many people can relate to the characters in horror movies. Horror movie characters are often everyday people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. As King explains, “We identify with the victims in these movies, because we see ourselves as potential victims” (King 4). This allows people to feel empathy for the characters and invest in their story. It also makes the scares more personal and impactful.

Horror movies are able to tap into some of our deepest fears and anxieties. They provide an escape from the everyday world and let us explore the dark side of human nature. Whether it is the suspense, the characters, or the mental illness, there is something that keeps drawing people back to these films.

Watching movies like this is similar to riding a roller coaster or jumping off a building. People are drawn to these hazardous hobbies because of the excitement of not knowing what might happen. “Which is not to say that, at some point, a really fantastic horror film may surprise us by producing a scream from us, as the roller coaster twists through a full 360,” adds King (410).

The surprise and fear are addicting to some people, which is what keeps them coming back for more. Film goers know that they will never actually be in danger while watching a movie, which makes the whole experience much more thrilling. It becomes an escape from reality where people can feel like they are a part of the action.

Some may argue that Stephen King is wrong in his understanding of why we crave horror movies. They could say that people watch horror movies because they have a morbid curiosity or because they enjoy seeing other people in pain. However, King argues that there is more to it than that. He believes that people watch horror movies as a way to safely explore the dark side of human nature.

In his essay, he states that “We are all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better – and maybe not all that much better, after all” (King 409). Everyone has a dark side to them, and horror movies allow people to explore that side without actually having to do anything. It is a way for people to release their pent-up aggression and anger in a safe environment.

People will continue to watch horror movies because they offer a sense of excitement and suspense that can be found nowhere else. As Stephen King says, “We like to see what we are afraid of” (King 410). Horror movies provide people with a way to safely explore their fears and learn more about themselves.

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