Short Story A&P

John Updike’s A&P is a classic short story that has been widely studied and analyzed. The story tells the tale of Sammy, a young man who works in an A&P grocery store, and his encounter with three young women who enter the store wearing only their bathing suits. Sammy is immediately smitten with the girls … Read more

A&P A Critical Analysis

John Updike’s A&P is a coming-of-age story that centers around the main character, Sammy. Sammy is nineteen years old and works as a clerk at the local A&P grocery store. He is bored with his job and his life in general. One day, three young girls wearing only bathing suits come into the store. Sammy … Read more

A&P John Updike Setting

The A&P John Updike setting is a small town in the northeastern United States, most likely in New England. The story takes place in the summertime, and the weather is hot. The A&P grocery store is the main setting of the story, and it is where the majority of the action takes place. The store … Read more