This I Know Duty Honor Country Essay

“Duty, Honor, Country” is a phrase that Douglas MacArthur made famous. It is also a philosophy that he lived by. MacArthur was a great military leader and an even better manager. He understood the importance of virtue and honor in both his personal and professional life. His dedication to duty and country was evident in … Read more

Army Leadership Model

The Army Leadership Model requires that leaders possess certain knowledge, skills, and attributes in order to be effective. Leaders must know themselves and their soldiers, understand the Army’s mission and values, and be able to make decisions under pressure. They must also be physically and mentally tough, as well as have the ability to communicate … Read more

What Does Selfless Service Mean To You Essay

There are seven Army values. The first of these is “selfless service.” This value emphasizes the importance of putting the needs of others above your own. In other words, selfless service means putting the welfare of others ahead of your own. Selfless service is an important Army value because it helps to build unit cohesion … Read more