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  • Why Boys Become Vicious

    When discussing the novel Why Boys Become Vicious by William Golding, it is important to first understand the author’s background. William Golding was born in 1911 and raised in England. He served in the Royal Navy during World War II before becoming a teacher. It was not until 1954 that he wrote his first novel, […]

  • The First Day Edward P Jones Summary

    Edward P. Jones’ short story “The First Day” tells the story of a young girl named Ella, who is starting her first day of school. The story follows Ella as she goes through her first day, meeting new people and learning new things. Throughout the story, Ella remains optimistic and happy, despite the challenges she […]

  • Graduation By Maya Angelou Summary

    Graduation is a time-honored tradition that is celebrated by people of all ages across the globe. For many, it marks an important milestone in their lives, signifying the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. For Maya Angelou, Graduation was a very significant event. It took place during a time when race relations […]

  • Graduation Maya Angelou Analysis

    Maya Angelou’s “Graduation” is a powerful poem that speaks to the experience of black people in America. Through her words, we see the strength and resilience of the black community in the face of adversity. We also see the hope that comes with graduation, as Maya Angelou looks to the future with optimism. This poem […]

  • What Does Simon Represent In Lord Of The Flies

    Simon is a key figure in Lord of the Flies and his death is a turning point in the novel. Simon symbolizes innocence and goodness and his death represents the loss of hope for humanity. Lord of the Flies is an allegory for the human condition and Simon’s death is a symbolic representation of the […]