Thesis Statements For The Most Dangerous Game

Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game” features the protagonist, Rainsford, who finds himself stranded on an island after a shipwreck. There, he meets a man named Zaroff, who explains that he hunts humans for sport. Rainsford is initially horrified by this idea, but he soon realizes that he must embrace it in order … Read more

What Point Of View Is The Gift Of The Magi

The Gift of the Magi is a short story by O. Henry. It tells the story of a young couple, Jim and Della, who are deeply in love but have very little money. In order to buy each other Christmas gifts, they each sell their most precious possessions. Jim sells his watch to buy Della … Read more

To Kill A Mocking Bird Speech

Atticus Finch is a fictional character in To Kill a Mockingbird. He is a lawyer and the father of Scout and Jem Finch. Atticus Finch is a moral man who stands up for what he believes in, even when it isn’t popular. He teaches his children to be kind and to treat others fairly, no … Read more

Tom Sawyer Character Analysis Essay

As a child, who didn’t dream of living in Tom Sawyer’s world? The story of a cunning boy looking for adventure is engaging and pulls the reader in, especially because the protagonist gets into serious and dangerous situations. Mark Twain keeps readers intrigued throughout the book as it’s impossible to predict how Tom’s next trick … Read more

If I Stay Character Description

The character Mia in the novel “If I stay” becomes a symbol of typical biophysical behavior; Emotions are simply the manifestations of physically stored energy. After she falls into a coma, and subsequently loses her entire family, she struggles with thanatophobia–a fear of death characterized by anxiety, dread, and distress. It is difficult to find her … Read more

All Summer In A Day Essay

Margot in “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury is one of the most unique and memorable characters in all of literature. She is a young girl who is forced to live on Venus, a planet where it rains constantly. Because of this, she has never seen the sun. When a group of children … Read more

Irony In The Interlopers

The Interlopers is a short story by Saki that is full of irony. The title itself is ironic, since the interlopers are the two main characters, who are also the antagonists. The story is about two men, Ulrich and Georg, who have been feuding for years. They meet by chance in the forest, and even … Read more

Keats and Yeats

The Symbolism and Realism movements were two of the most important literary movements of the 19th century. Symbolism was a reaction against the realism that had dominated French literature in the previous decades, while Realism was a response to the excesses of Symbolism. While both movements had their own distinct styles and aesthetics, they shared … Read more

The Help Essay

“The Help” is a novel by Kathryn Stockett about African American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960s. The novel explores the themes of race, class, and gender. The novel was published in 2009 and became a bestseller. It has been made into a movie starring Viola Davis and Emma … Read more

Hypocrisy In The Importance Of Being Earnest

“The Importance of Being Earnest” is a play by Oscar Wilde that is full of hypocrisy. The characters in the play are constantly lying to each other and themselves, which leads to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. This hypocrisy is most evident in the character of Jack Worthing. Jack lies about his identity throughout … Read more

What’s Your Name Girl Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her real name is Marguerite Johnson, but she later took the surname of her father, Bailey Johnson. Maya Angelou’s family were poor and often struggled to make ends meet. Maya Angelou was one of the first black people to graduate from high school … Read more

Hills Like White Elephants Bead Curtain

“Hills like White Elephants” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. The story is set in Spain and tells the conversation between an American man and a woman as they wait for a train. The woman is pregnant, and the man wants her to have an abortion. The story is full of symbolism. The hills … Read more

The Devil And Tom Walker Romanticism

Romanticism was a literary movement that valorized emotion, imagination, and individual experience. It began in the late 18th century and lasted throughout the 19th century. Washington Irving was a Romantic writer who is best known for his short story “The Devil And Tom Walker.” In this story, Irving critiques the materialism of his day by … Read more

Existentialism In Literature Examples

Existentialism is a philosophical movement that emphasizes individual freedom and choice, and the inherent meaninglessness of life. Existentialists believe that humans must create their own values and meanings in life, as there is no inherent meaning in the universe. Existentialism has had a significant impact on literature. Existentialist writers often explore themes of anxiety, angst, … Read more

The Things They Carried Truth

In The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien explores the idea of truth in wartime stories. He argues that there are two types of truth: “story truth” and “happening truth.” Story truth is the kind of truth that is based on our understanding of events, while happening truth is the literal, factual truth. O’Brien suggests that … Read more

Barn Burning Symbolism

Barn Burning is a short story by William Faulkner that tells the tale of the Sartoris family and their struggles with poverty and class. The story is rife with symbolism, which Faulkner uses to explore themes of morality, social justice, and poverty. The most obvious symbol in the story is the titular barn burning. The … Read more

Dodger From Oliver Twist

The Artful Dodger is one of the most iconic characters in Dickens’ Oliver Twist. He is a young member of Fagin’s gang of thieves, and is known for his cunning and quick thinking. In this essay, I will be conducting a critical analysis of the Artful Dodger. I will be looking at his character traits, … Read more

Amigo Brothers Summary

Amigo Brothers is a short story by Piri Thomas. It’s about the friendship between two young boys, Antonio and Felix, who are Amigos Brothers. They live in New York City and attend the same school. One day, they find out that they’re going to be fighting each other in a boxing match. They train together … Read more

Flick Webb

Flick Webb was once a great basketball player. He was tall and muscular, and he could dunk the ball with ease. But then he got injured and his career came to an abrupt end. Now, Flick is a character in a John Updike poem. The poem is called “Ex-Basketball Player,” and it’s about a man … Read more

Lord Of The Flies Microcosm

William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” is an allegory for our society. The boys on the island are a microcosm for our society, and the way they interact with each other is a reflection of our own interactions. Golding’s novel shows us that we are all capable of violence and savagery, no matter how civilized … Read more

Looking For Alaska Essay

Looking for Alaska is a novel by John Green. It was published in 2005 and won the Michael L. Printz Award. The story is about a young man named Miles Halter who leaves his home in Florida to attend a boarding school in Alabama. There he meets a girl named Alaska Young and becomes friends … Read more

Capulet Character Traits

Lord Capulet is one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. He is the father of Juliet and the head of the Capulet household. Lord Capulet is a proud and passionate man. He is quick to anger, particularly when it comes to his daughter Juliet. This is shown when Tybalt insults Romeo … Read more

Jamaica Kincaid Girl Research Paper

“Girl” is a short story by Jamaica Kincaid that was first published in 1978. The story is about a young girl who is being instructed by her mother on how to be a proper lady. Throughout the story, the girl is given a number of instructions on various topics, ranging from cooking and cleaning to … Read more

The Gift Of The Magi Analysis

One of the most famous short stories in American literature, “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry, is a touching tale of love and sacrifice. The story centers on a young couple, Jim and Della, who are desperately trying to buy each other Christmas gifts with very little money. In the end, they both … Read more

Two Views Of The River Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s Two Views of the River is a short story that tells the tale of a young man who travels down the Mississippi River. The young man, named Huck, is first introduced to the river by his father, who shows him the dangers of the river. Huck then decides to travel down the river … Read more

Scarlet Letter Laws

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a classic novel that tells the story of Hester Prynne, a woman who is convicted of adultery and must wear a scarlet letter “A” on her chest as punishment. The novel explores the themes of sin, redemption, and morality. One theme that is explored in the novel is … Read more

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Summary

Tess of the D’Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy, is a novel about Tess Durbeyfield, a low-class country girl who is lured into an affair by Alec D’Urberville, a wealthy playboy. Tess’s family is hoping that Alec will marry Tess and raise their social status, but Alec only wants Tess for her body. He ruins her life, … Read more

Fire In Jane Eyre

There are many symbols of fire in Jane Eyre, which can be seen as a representation of the passionate and intense emotions that Jane experiences throughout the novel. Fire is first introduced in the book when Jane is locked in the red-room at Gateshead Hall, and it becomes a significant motif during her time at … Read more

Power Of Words In The Book Thief

The Book Thief is a novel about the power of words. Nazi Germany was a country where words were used to control and manipulate people. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime used words to stir up hatred and violence. The Book Thief is a story that shows how words can also be used to resist … Read more