Forrest Gump in Vietnam War

Forrest Gump was one of the most popular movies of the 1990s. The story of a simple man who manages to achieve great things despite his limited intelligence captivated audiences around the world. Forrest Gump also had a unique take on the Vietnam War, which was a major conflict at the time. The movie showed … Read more

10 Things I Hate About You vs Taming Of The Shrew

The movie “10 Things I Hate About You” is a modern day adaptation of the William Shakespeare play “The Taming of the Shrew”. Although the movie is set in present day, the story line still closely follows that of the original play. In both pieces, Bianca is the desirable young woman who has many suitors … Read more

Boys Don’t Cry Real Story

The difference between a documentary and docudrama is the authenticity of events. A documentaries purpose is to report facts while a docudrama’s intention is entertainment through retelling events. I feel grateful that I watched “The Teena Brandon Story” documentary before watching the movie, “Boys Don’t Cry”. I knew the movie was based on true events … Read more

Richard Hoover Little Miss Sunshine

Richard is one of the protagonists in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine. He is the father of Olive Hoover, and is married to Sheryl. Richard is a very successful man, but he has a dark side. He is often uptight and stressed out, and can be quite manipulative. He is also fiercely competitive, and … Read more

Favorite Genre Of Movies

A genre is a type or category of film that can be easily identified by specific elements of its plot, mise en scene, setting, style, and character types. (GoodyKoontz, & Jacobs, 2014). Romantic comedies are my favorite genre of movies.  I love the way that they make me feel. They are usually light-hearted and have … Read more

Watching A Movie At Home

Film is such a popular way to spend leisure time that it is easy to forget how recent it is as an art form. It has only been around for just over a century, and the movie theater is even younger. Film has become so ubiquitous because it offers a unique experience that can be … Read more

What Makes A Good Movie

A good movie is often dependent on the viewer’s individual taste. However, there are some general characteristics that tend to make a film enjoyable for most people. A good film typically has a well-developed plot with interesting characters. The acting in a good movie is also usually top-notch, with believable performances from the cast. Additionally, … Read more

Roxanne Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play by Edmond Rostand that was first performed in 1897. The play tells the story of Cyrano, a poet and swordsman who is in love with the beautiful Roxane. However, Cyrano is afraid to tell her how he feels because he believes she will not love him back because of … Read more

Allegory In The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a classic American novel that can be read on many levels. One of the things that makes it so interesting is the way Fitzgerald uses allegory to explore deeper issues and themes. Allegory is a figure of speech in which an author uses characters or events to represent … Read more

The Godfather Book vs Movie

The Godfather is a novel written by Mario Puzo and published in 1969. The novel follows the story of the Corleone family, a powerful crime family in New York City. The film adaptation of the novel was released in 1972, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. There are several … Read more

Mommy Dearest Syndrome

Mommie Dearest is a movie based on the book by Christina Crawford. The movie tells the story of Christina’s abusive mother, Joan Crawford. Joan Crawford was a successful actress in the early 1900s. She was also known for being a demanding and difficult person to work with. Her daughter, Christina, claims that her mother was … Read more

Special Effects Essay

Special effects are used in movies to create certain visual or auditory effects. These effects can be used to create realistic scenes, or to enhance existing scenes. Special effects are created using a variety of techniques, including computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation, and live-action filming. CGI is one of the most commonly used special effects techniques. … Read more