Horatio Alger Harlon L Dalton

It is no secret that racism is a problem in America. Unfortunately, it seems that some people are still in denial about its existence or its impact. One such person is H. L. Dalton, who recently penned an article entitled “Horatio Alger.” In this piece, Dalton argues that the success of African Americans is due … Read more

The Soft Hearted Sioux Summary

The soft-hearted Sioux presents the transformation of a boy from a soft-hearted person to a cold man when he confronts the traditions of his tribe against Christy. The boy left home to a mission school where he learned about Christ and became more and more accustomed to the white man’s culture.  When he returned to … Read more

Blm Essays

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher who is best known for his work on political philosophy and economics. In recent years, he has become increasingly popular as an important figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. Mill grew up in a family that was deeply committed to social reform and equality. His father, James … Read more