Horatio Alger Harlon L Dalton

It is no secret that racism is a problem in America. Unfortunately, it seems that some people are still in denial about its existence or its impact. One such person is H. L. Dalton, who recently penned an article entitled “Horatio Alger.” In this piece, Dalton argues that the success of African Americans is due … Read more

Racial Profiling Essay

Racial profiling in America is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. racial profiling is defined as “the use of race or ethnicity as a basis for suspecting someone of having committed a crime.” This practice is harmful and perpetuates racism in America. There are many examples of racial profiling throughout history, but recent … Read more

Racism: Issue In Institutional Racism

Racism is an issue that has been present in the United States since its founding. Racism against Native Americans is especially prevalent, as they were the original inhabitants of the land now known as the United States. Racism manifests itself in many different ways, from hate speech and discrimination to violence and even murder. Racism … Read more