Tangerine Essay

Tangerine is a young adult novel written by Edward Bloor. The novel tells the story of Tangerine County, Florida, from the perspective of a teenage boy named Paul Fisher. Paul has to move to Tangerine County after his family moves away from their home in New Jersey. Tangerine County is a place where “tangerines grow like weeds and turn the sun into a huge orange.”

The novel focuses on the issues of environmentalism and racism. Tangerine County is a place where white people and black people live in separate communities. Paul’s family lives in the white community, while his best friend Tino lives in the black community. Tino is one of the few black students at Paul’s school. Tino’s family is struggling to make ends meet, and Tino has to work in the fields picking tangerines.

The novel also focuses on the issue of bullying. Tino is constantly bullied by a group of white boys at school. Paul tries to stand up for Tino, but he is also afraid of the bullies.

Tangerine is a well-written novel that deals with important issues in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way. The characters are complex and multi-dimensional, and the story is engaging and suspenseful. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a good read.

Paul made many decisions in Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, both good and bad, but the majority of his decisions resulted in negative outcomes. For example, during the high school football team award ceremony at Lake Windsor Downs, Tino and Victor assaulted Erik (Erik is Paul’s older brother) and Arthur Bauer (Erik’s best friend).

This was a direct result of a choice Paul made to lie about Tino and Victor attacking him. If Paul had not lied Tino, Victor, and Erik could have all still been friends. Another example is when Tino’s house catches on fire due to lightning hitting it and Tino is burned, Paul feels guilty because he had wished that Tino’s house would burn down. Even though Tino forgives Paul, the damage is done and their friendship is no longer the same.

The last example is when Paul tries to help Tino by getting him a job at the Dairy Queen where he works but Tino gets fired because he can not do the job. This causes problems between Tino and his family because now they are short on money. Tino’s mom has to get a job and Tino’s dad is angry all the time. If Paul had not gotten Tino the job none of this would have happened.

Paul made many choices in the novel Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, and most of his choices resulted in negative consequences for him and the people around him. One example is when Paul lied about Tino and Victor attacking him, which led to Tino and Victor beating up Erik (Paul’s older brother) and Arthur Bauer (Erik’s best friend).

Another example is when Paul’s wish that Tino’s house would burn down came true, causing Tino to be burned and their friendship to be damaged. The last example is when Paul got Tino a job at the Dairy Queen, which Tino was fired from and caused problems for Tino’s family. If Paul had not made these choices, many of the negative consequences could have been avoided.

As soon as Arthur and Erik were assaulted by the football team, along with the football coaches, Tino and Victor attempted to be apprehended. Paul jumped on a coach in order to assist them in escaping when Arthur and Erik were attacked by the football team. When Paul hit the coach, he was subsequently expelled from Tangerine Middle School. Also, while hiding beneath the bleachers during Luis Cruz’s encounter with Erik and Arthur, Paul decided not to speak up in order to prevent the fight from starting, resulting in Luis Cruz’s death.

Tino and Victor didn’t want to get in trouble for something they didn’t do, so Tino took the fall and confessed to being the one who killed Luis Cruz even though it was really Erik. Tino got expelled from Tangerine Middle School as well. Tino’s family then moved away and Erik’s family moved away too, but Tino and Erik kept in touch by writing letters to each other. Tino’s father ended up getting a job at Tangerine High School which is where Tino and Erik eventually went to high school together.

At Tangerine High School, the football team was very good and they were coached by Tino’s father. Tino was on the team and he was one of the best players. Erik wasn’t on the team, but he was friends with Tino and some of the other players. One day, Tino’s father was killed in a car accident. Tino was very upset and he stopped playing football. The team started losing without Tino, so Erik decided to start playing. He wasn’t very good at first, but he got better with practice and eventually became one of the best players on the team.

The team made it to the state championship game, but they were losing badly. Tino came to the game and cheered his former teammates on, but it didn’t seem like they were going to win. In the last few minutes of the game, Erik scored a touchdown and they won the game. Tino was happy for his friends, but he was also sad because his father wasn’t there to see it.

After the game, Tino and Erik went to Tino’s house. Tino’s mother was very upset and she blamed Erik for Tino’s father’s death. She told Erik to leave and never come back. Tino tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t listen. Tino and Erik never saw each other again after that day.

Tangerine is a novel by Edward Bloor. It is about two teenage boys who live in Tangerine County, Florida. The book deals with themes of racism, football, and family relationships.

Paul felt bad since he knew that he might have prevented Luis Cruz’s death. Paul has also made good judgments, some of which have had beneficial outcomes. Playing soccer for Tangerine Middle School was a positive decision by Paul. It influenced him since he formed many acquaintances on the soccer team as a result of his action. Sticking up to his older brother Erik was another excellent decision by Paul.

It changed his relationship because Erik started to hit Paul less. Without Luis, Tangerine would not be the same place. Tangerine is a novel by Edward Bloor. It is about a boy named Paul Fisher who moves to Tangerine County, Florida from New York City. Tangerine is also the name of the town and county that Paul lives in.

Tangerine County is famous for its citrus fruit crops, which is where the town gets its name. The novel focuses on the problems that Paul and his family face when they move to Tangerine County. One of the main problems is that Erik, Paul’s older brother, is blind. This causes many problems for Erik and for the family.

Another problem is that Tangerine County is a very poor county. This causes problems for the family because they do not have much money. The novel also focuses on the community of Tangerine and how it is affected by the problems that Paul and his family face. Tangerine is a novel about family, community, and relationships. It is a novel about how we can overcome our differences and work together to make our world a better place.

Paul was always afraid of his brother, but as the tale went on, Paul’s bravery grew. Near to the conclusion of the novel, Paul realized that Erik and Arthur were losers, and that only their own behavior would affect them. Finally, Paul stood up to them, showing that he wasn’t scared. One key decision Paul made was when he faced down Erik and Arthur.

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