What Motivates You Essay

Motivation comes in many forms. For me, it often comes from seeing someone else achieve something great. It gives me hope that if they can do it, maybe I can too.

When I see someone making a difference in the world, it motivates me to think that my choices matter and that I can make a difference too. We all have the power to make change happen, we just have to choose to do so.

Motivation is what keeps us from sleeping all day instead of getting out of bed in the morning. It’s what compels us to get to work or the gym and work harder, smarter, and more efficiently than we did the previous day. The reason great ideas become successful outcomes is due to motivation.

Without motivation, we are stuck in the same old routines day in and day out. Motivation is what propels us forward to new levels of success. It is the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

Motivation comes from within. It is a choice that we make every day to do something that will move us closer to our goals. Motivation is the fire that burns inside of us, pushing us to be better than we were yesterday.

When we are motivated, we are able to take on challenges and overcome obstacles. We are able to push ourselves harder and reach new levels of success. Motivation is the key to unlocking our potential and reaching our goals.

Motivation is what propels us to accomplish our goals! A person’s motivation is what motivates him or her to accomplish a certain goal. To put it another way, whenever a person performs anything, he or she has a reason for doing it. Not always does something need a reason, but there may be many reasons why someone would want to perform those actions in order to achieve it.

There are different types of motivation, but all these motivations lead to the same result: taking action towards a goal.

There are different types of motivation, but all these motivations lead to the same result: taking action towards a goal. The type of motivation that I am going to talk about is called “intrinsic motivation”. Intrinsic motivation is when someone does something because they enjoy it or because they think it is important, not because they want to get something out of it such as a prize or recognition. This type of motivation often comes from within oneself.

I have experienced intrinsic motivation many times in my life, but there is one specific moment that stands out to me. When I was younger, I loved playing the violin. I started taking lessons when I was five years old and I practiced every day. I enjoyed playing the violin so much that it didn’t feel like practice; it felt like fun. Even though I enjoyed playing the violin, there were times when I didn’t want to practice because I was tired or I didn’t feel like it. But my mom always encouraged me to keep going and she would tell me that if I kept practicing, one day I would be a great violinist.

I am now eighteen years old and I am still playing the violin. I am not a professional violinist, but I am good enough to play in a symphony orchestra. And it all started with my mom’s encouragement and my own intrinsic motivation to play the violin.

So, what is it that we can learn from this story? First of all, we can see that intrinsic motivation is very powerful. It is what drives us to do something even when we don’t feel like it or when it is difficult. And second of all, we can see that someone else’s encouragement can be a big help in keeping us motivated. So, if you are looking for ways to stay motivated, remember that intrinsic motivation and encouragement from others are two powerful tools that you can use.

My mother, in particular, has had a strong influence on me. She has had a significant impact on who I am today and has assisted me in becoming the person I am. She says the appropriate things at just the right time to help me get where I want to be and accomplish what I need done. She encourages me to be a better person, make better decisions, exemplify excellent qualities that I seek to acquire, and push me toward my objectives.

These are the reasons why my mom is someone who motivates me all life. First and foremost, my mom always says the right things to get me where I need to be. She knows how to get under my skin in a positive way and make me want to do better. Secondly, she inspires me to be a better person by always being there for me and being supportive no matter what. Lastly, she pushes me along towards my goals by never giving up on me and believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

She was encouraging me to pursue my hobbies at home and put interests in my heart, which she did every step of the way. She has been a teacher, counselor, and role model for me. Her counsel, teachings, and hard work have stayed with me through time. It is because of her that I now have a calm demeanor that people think of when they hear my name; it is because of her that I have the ambition to reach my future goals; it is because of her that I am hopeful about achieving my objectives.

Without my mother, I would not be here today. She is the single most important person in my life and I owe her everything. She has Motivated me to achieve great things, and has always pushed me to be the best that I can be.

She has positively influenced me in many ways, and I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother. She has not only been my mother and encouraged me to stay on the correct road, but she has also been the greatest buddy I’ve ever had. She was the one who pushed me to return to school and study when I was having trouble with my studies during my early years in the United States because she knew that I had a bright future ahead of me.

My mother is always ready to listen to me and offer her support, whether I am feeling happy or sad. She has always been there for me, no matter what. When I am feeling lost or confused, she is always the one person who knows what to say to me in order to make me feel better. Her words of wisdom and encouragement have helped me through many difficult times in my life.

I am truly grateful to have my mother in my life. She is someone who motivates me to be a better person, and I know that I can always count on her for her love and support. Thanks, Mom!

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