Willy Is Excited As Act II Opens Because

Willy is excited as Act II opens because he has just had a successful meeting with one of his clients. He is eager to tell his family about it and share the good news. However, his excitement is short-lived when he learns that his son Biff has been caught stealing from a store. Willy is devastated and feels like a failure as a father. Biff tries to reassure Willy that he is not a bad person, but Willy does not want to hear it. He is too wrapped up in his own self-pity to listen to anything else.

Willy is happy throughout Act II, as he has his breakfast prepared by Linda. Willy becomes angry once more about his expensive appliances before thinking about the bright future. That night, Willy tells Linda that Biff and Happy are taking him out to dinner, to which she replies that she will remind Howard Wagner of his manners at the restaurant.

Willy tells Linda that he is going to see Charley. Linda exits, and Bernard enters, telling Willy that his boss wants to see him. Willy excitedly asks if this means he is getting the job in New York, but Bernard says he does not know. Bernard exits, and Willy reminisces about a time when Biff was younger and wanted to play football in college. However, Willy would not let him because he wanted Biff to be a salesman like himself.

Willy abruptly changes the subject, telling himself that he must stay positive before his meeting with Howard. He exits as Biff enters, looking for a clean shirt to wear to dinner. Linda comes back in and tries to encourage Biff, but he is angry and frustrated with his life. Linda exits, and Biff sits down, wondering what he is going to do with his life.

Biff is angry and frustrated with his life as he sits alone in his parents’ home, wondering what he will do next. He is surrounded by reminders of his failed career as a salesman and feels like a total failure. Willy enters, looking for a clean shirt to wear to dinner, and Biff tries to hide his feelings from his father. However, Willy can sense that something is wrong and asks Biff what is wrong.

Biff finally explodes, telling Willy that he has been living a lie and that he is not going to be a salesman like him. Willy is devastated by this news and starts to cry, telling Biff that he is nothing without him. Linda enters and tries to calm the situation down, but Willy is inconsolable. Biff exits, and Willy angrily breaks down, yelling at Linda for not understanding what he has been through.

When the lights dim on Linda, they slowly rise again on Howard playing with a wire recorder in his office. Willy attempts to bring up working in New York, but Howard cuts him off and makes him listen to his kids and wife through the recording. Once Willy finally has a chance to speak, Howard shoots down his request. Will begin recounting how Dave Singleman-a well-known salesman-motivated him to enter sales himself.

Willy is excited as Act II opens because he feels he is finally going to get what he wants. Howard has agreed to give him a job in New York and Willy believes that this will solve all his problems. He is confident and optimistic as he prepares to leave for New York, packing his bags and saying goodbye to his family.

However, Willy’s dreams are dashed when Howard tells him that he is not giving him the job after all. Willy is devastated, but tries to keep up a brave front for his family’s sake. He does not want them to know how much this has affected him.

When Ben leaves, Bernard eagerly rushes in to take his place, awaiting Biff’s big football game. Willy speaks optimistically to Biff about the game as Charley enters and teases them both. They all laugh good-naturedly untilWillie chases Charley offstage while continuing to yell. Jenny, Charley’s secretary, asks a grown-up Bernard to quiet him down. Willy then enters and prattles on endlessly about a “very big deal” that Biff is working on with greatness.

Biff and Happy enter. Biff is angry that Willy has embarrassed him in front of Jenny. Biff tries to leave, but Willy stops him, telling him he’s “smarter than the average bear.” Willy asks Biff about the deal, but Biff won’t tell him anything. Bernard tells Willy that the game is about to start, but Willy doesn’t want to go. He wants to talk to Biff. Biff finally tells Willy that he failed math and won’t be able to graduate.

Willy is shocked and disappointed. He had been bragging to Charley about how well Biff was doing in school. Biff tries to leave again, but Willy stops him, telling him he’s going to have to face up to his responsibilities. Biff tells Willy that he’s not going to be a salesman like him. He’s going to go out and find his own way in the world. Willy is angry and says some hurtful things to Biff. Biff finally leaves and Willy collapses in despair. Bernard tries to comfort Willy, but Willy is inconsolable. The lights fade to black as Willy cries out for Biff.

When Willy asks Charley for more money than he usually loans him, Charley offers Willy a job. Will refuse and eventually tells Charley that he was fired.ScoldsWillfor always needing to be liked and angrily gives him the money. Calling Willy his only friend, exits on the verge of tears.

Linda scolds Willy for his pride and fear of losing face. Linda then tries to convince Willy that Biff truly loves him, but Willy is unconvinced. Death of a Salesman ends with Willy’s suicide in an attempt to get insurance money for his family. Linda discovers his body and screams in anguish.

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